Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Um...I have no excuse for not blogging except that I am lazy and am trying to cram for book club. It's on Thursday. I started reading the book last night. Hmm-it's like I'm in high school again.

This past weekend Christy planned a girls event-barhopping and a scavenger hunt. It was awesome. Some examples of things we had to find/get:

- Worst V-day story from a girl and from a boy
- A boy who would let you kiss him
- Someone who moved to Cleveland from a different state
- A stranger's best pick up line he's heard and the best he's given

For that last one I met a guy who said, "Well I don't know if this is the best, but it's the weirdest. One girl came up to me and asked if she could smell my butt."

After at least 15 seconds of silence during which I just stared at this guy suspiciously, I said, "Nuh-uh. That's not true.". And he said, "I swear to God she said, 'Can I smell your butt?'. Not exactly the kind of girl you take home to meet mom if you know what I'm saying."

How awesome is that!? That rivals the guy who came up to me at the bowling alley and asked if I would like it if he stuck his finger in my butt. We should get those two together. Then they could involve themselves in all the crazy assplay they can handle. Sorry I said 'assplay', Dad.

Christy always brings goody bags for her girls events and this day was no different. We got conversation hearts, lip gloss rings (which I'm wearing at work today), candy, gum, glow necklaces and fake tattoos which I promptly pasted all over my body. I put one on my boob so Steph, feeling left out, put a postage stamp on hers.

Even though I did well on the scavenger hunt, Steph still handily kicked everyone's ass. That girl will talk to anyone and everyone. Something else she managed to do Saturday night: turn her friend, Lori, into a lesbian. We were talking to a bartender who had just told us she was off men and into girls and Steph said, "Oh cool! My friend is coming into town next weekend. You should meet her." Lori, who is coming to visit, is engaged to a man. So this should be interesting. Lori, I'm just saying you have options.

God I love girls' nights.

Stay tuned for a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt. I'm scared.


D-HOR said...

Where do I find suck bad ass cool friends that bring goodie bags and have insane scavenger hunts?? I like my friends but DAMN how COOL is that? You have the most interesting freaking times oh my GAWD!

I wonder if I brought goodie bags and a scavenger hunt if my pals would go for it? I don't think so but maybe, ya just never know I guess. AAHHHHHH You're so COOL!

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time Steph has converted me for the sake of provocative conversation. I don't get it*, but I remain unfazed by the misrepresentation.

Sarah, when will I see you this weekend?


* In truth, I do get it. Steph likes to orchestrate awkward misunderstandings and sit back and watch like it's Three's Company. See you at the R.B.

Gordon said...

You know I've known you guys for entirely too long when this doesn't even surprise me. Seriously. And, Lori, nice Reagle Beagle ref.

Oh, and holy crap, I updated my blog!

citygirl said...

St. Patrick's Day + Scavenger Hunt + You Guys= All of Cleveland should be scared!

rachael ray said...

So, I'm some radom person you don't know that finds your blog very funny. I saw this today, and I thought that you would like to know . . . I'm too lazy to find the original post you made about Friday Night Lights.


ThatGirl7278 said...

I was tagged and then I was told to tag 3 people and since I heart your blog (and by relation, you!), I'm gonna go ahead and tag you. So tag, you're it. :)