Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How can Matthew Fox be that hot

I'm sorry to my non-Lost watchers, but this post isn't for you. If you want good stuff you should go here or here today.

To my Lost friends: I just finished watching the last 2 episodes. Spoilers ahead.

Let me sum up my reaction to the ending of last week's episode:



Seriously what the hell is going on. Aaron is the 6th survivor? Aaron!?1?!? Yeah I just got so excited I temporarily let go of the Shift key and typed a 1 instead of a !. That's how major this is.

Questions. So many questions.

Is Ben considered one of the Oceanic 6? Someone tell me if I'm missing someone: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Ben and Aaron, right?

Does this mean when Kate said, "He'll know I'm gone." that she was talking about Aaron? Cuz I'm much happier with that answer than with her being married to someone else.

What happens to Sun and Jin and Bernard and Rose and Desmond and that not quite as big of a hor as last season Juliet?

Seriously what's wrong with Locke? Like he's completely lost it, right? When he put the grenade in that dude's mouth, I shat my pants.

Can I just say that if I saw a man with a dress shirt on and only one button buttoned down by his belly button and long hair, I would immediately point and laugh? But that is Desmond's look every episode, and it's the most glorious look I have ever seen.

To follow up my last thought...well, this isn't really a question, but more like a threat. Writers, if you kill off Desmond, I will hunt you down and stick a grenade in your mouth. Well, I mean I can't really get a hold of a grenade so maybe I'll just pour lime juice and Bailey's into your mouth and duct tape it shut. Not as life threatening, but Cement Mixers are gross, and you won't be able to spit it out. Ha!

When is Jack going to find out that Claire is his sister?

Did the trial happen before or after Jack had a breakdown and grew an unruly beard and met Kate at the airport? I'm thinking before. If that's the case, who died? It has to be Ben, right? No one would know him in the real world because he's lived on the island his whole life and has no family.

Why aren't Kate and Jack together? He LOVES her. He loves her! Why are you doing this to me, writers? I've had to put up with so many Sawyer and Kate love scenes. Can I please just get one, measly little Kate and Jack love scene? Please? They're so pretty together.

How did Ben get Sayid to work for him? Sayid said it had to do with a woman. What woman? And why is he killing people? It sounds like it's to protect the Oceanic 6, right? But who is coming after them? Probably whoever creepy black guy works for. They probably know the 6 left others on the island.

Sawyer doesn't make it off the island!?!?1 Yeah there's the 1 again. Holy crap. How can this be. I don't want him and Kate together (thank God no baby), but I still love him. I can't believe Kate would leave him behind. Unless he was dead. Oh my God. Do you think he's dead?

You guys, I feel like I need a vacation just to recover from this show. Please discuss this with me.


russ said...

I don't think Ben is one of the Six -- he wasn't on the plane, so he isn't Oceanic. I think he'll get off the island secretly.

Desmond is history, you better get used to it. You can't have guys with the ability to see the future wandering around.

I think Jack is going to find out Claire is his sister, then be complicit in her death, and he feels too guilty to be around Aaron so he can't get on Kate.

Sayid is working for Ben because Ben is a master manipulator. He as going to kill R.G., who is also "The Economist", who might be someone in Oceanic or the global conspiracy.

That's Russ' best gueses.

Carly said...

Sayid is still trying to find that chick from his glory days as a torturer. Isn't he?

I hope kate is lying about being pregnant. Well, I don't. maybe.

I can't watch Des die. Noooo brother!

i am not said...

I don't think Aaron is one of the 6 - he wasn't born before the plane crashed, wasn't on the manifest, and Kate is claiming he is her baby, so I think he is in addition to the 6. And I agree, Ben isn't oe of the 6 either, but then I've read theories that since he has all of those passports he could easily have one with the name of someone from the plane on it and claim to be one of the 6. But what the heck is up with him being a Vet? I think he's extra creepy off the island.

The last episode was definitely before the Jack/beard/freakout episode.

I thought Sayid was protecting his friends back on the island. I think Hurley made a comment while playing horse with Jack about needing to go back to help them. Charlie told Hurley "they need you", etc. etc. Jack's story on the witness stand was obvious BS, so something happened that they need to protect everyone left behind.

I never saw the Kate/Aaron thing coming - blew my mind.

A said...

I don't think Ben or Aaron is part of the 6. Ben wasn't on the plane. Aaron wasn't born when the plane crashed - there will be no baby registered and the cops will have on record that Kate wasn't pregnant. Which also means she can't be claiming Aaron is hers, because they have been on the island less than 3 months. There is going to be a lot more to this story as to how Kate ends up with Aaron. For instance, is Claire dead, or still alive on the island? Did she send Aaron with Kate to give him a chance at life?

I also don't think Ben is a vet. He's either posing or he's just using the office. I think there are two possible explanations for Sayid working with Ben - either he's trying to get Ben to help him rescue the other people who may or may not be still alive on the island, or Ben knows where Nadia is.

Amanda said...

The others always had ways to get on and off the island, so I don't think Ben is one of the Oceanic 6. Especially since he's not a survivor of the crash.

And I will cry if Sawyer isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it helps if you find Matthew Fox hot (I find him totally ordinary and smugly annoying) but how can everyone just forgive him for being such a pussy about Aaron? I hope Kate has enough backbone that she doesn't give him a free pass. Oh, poor widdle Jacky has too many issues to see Aaron! Are you kidding me? So, if he ever gets over himself, after Kate raises Aaron by herself for a few years, they should get together so she can build a life with an addict/alcoholic? Yuk. I hope they ditch this disgusting relationship but I kind of doubt they ever will. The whole idea of pity party Jack makes my skin crawl.

Tom said...

We've seen Sayid be all badass slash whiny before. He's totally playing Ben and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Kate def. kidnapped Aaron, Clair might be dead, the survivors are def. still on the island which is why Jack goes crazy and wants to go back with Hurley to help them, and I totally love the new beardy guy with memory problems and cool physicist equipment. Also, Desmond won't die, he'll appear in the future, then travel back in time and make it like Jack, Kate, etc never got off the island at all, and then they won't have all gone crazy. Desmond, in this case, is a lot like the Terminator robot.

Anonymous said...

That show is out of control nowadays...I love it and I extra love me some crazy Locke!

If you think Fox is hot on Lost you need to go catch Vantage Point. Him in a suit, yum yum yum ;)

And I'm right there with you - if Desmond dies, me and the writers, its going down. He has to get reunited with Penny - he just has to. I think I'm only still watching for that scene, alone!

Brandi said...

Four things....
1) Does anyone remember the dream that Hurley had about Claire being at the psycho ward with him? Or was it a dream? I don't remember, it was so long ago!
2) I almost forgot to breathe again after Jack walked into the courtroom to testify for Kate. Ho-ly crap he looked hot!
3) I didn't think about Ben not being one of the Oceanic 6. I totally agree with everyone else that he's probably not because he wasn't on the plane.
4) Desmond is not dead yet because I saw him on the previews for this week.

Teri said...

Check out this LOST time theory site. It makes sense in some places..



girlymom4 said...

Just found you and love that you posted about Lost. I love to talk about this. OK, since you posted there has been another show, right? So we know that Desmond is alive, but I don't think he qualifies as one of the 6 and I don't think Aaron does either...I really hope one of them is going to be Sawyer...at least I hope so! And I didn't realize that Jack and Claire are brother and sister...how did I miss that one? ugh! Can't wait to tell my hubby. I was wondering why Jack would have a problem seeing Aaron...it didn't make sense to me! Now it sooo does...