Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's up?

First of all, Happy Birthday to Drew.

Second of all, goddamn you, Pedigree. Goddamn you. You're just mean.

Third of all, you know you drink too much if on the day after drinking:
- You find yourself at the grocery store in your pajamas, slippers and giant nerd glasses that you only wear at home in private.
- You have to apologize to people for bringing them in on your financial issues
- Someone says this to you and you have no idea what they're talking about: "The best part of your Pat Benatar dance was when you threw down the chair. You screamed out, "I'm going to throw down this chair!" then you politely set it on its side."

Fourth of all, holy Lost, Batman. Are you effing kidding me? That episode was a total mindfuck. In like the best way possible. I feel like I'm watching a 6 year long movie, and it's awesome! Plus I love focusing on Hurley for an episode. I've said before I've always thought that Charlie and Hurley were the heart of the show, and it was nice to have that back. It felt a lot like season 1 greatness to me. Okay so Hurley gets off the island. And goes crazy before Jack does. Obviously they left people alive on the island, right? I mean there were so many clues. Let's play my favorite Lost game: What is Up With

What is up with...

...Charlie showing up and smacking Hurley in the face. "I'm dead, but I'm here." Wha??

...not telling me who the other 3 people that got off the island are.

...how effing hot Jack is. Holy cripes are you kidding me?

...Hurley seeing the house and JACK'S DAD BEING THE ONE IN THE ROCKING CHAIR?? Also when that face appeared out of nowhere in the window, I shat myself. I heard that was Locke in the window. Anyone know?

...Hurley apologizing for following Locke instead of Jack.

...me crying like an effing baby when Hurley told Claire Charlie was dead.

...creepy black dude who showed up at the mental hospital and asked if "they were still alive"? He meant the other people on the island, right? But seriously who is that guy, and why is he the creepiest guy ever since BenHenry?

...BenHenry calling Alex his daughter and Danielle wailing on him. That was awesome.

...how sweet Sawyer is for following Hurley because I think he realizes Hurley needs a friend.

Holycrapwhathappenedonthatislandseriously!! God I missed this show.


Victoria said...

re: creepy black dude - His name is Mr. Abaddon and if you wanna have like a billion more questions totally check out the wikipedia article for 'Abaddon'. creeeeepy


Amanda the Couch said...

ok, so i am a total blog stalker from utah & I love love your blog! also i have been waiting for your recap of this show for days and days and i now feel at peace since you finally posted.


russ said...

Definitely a solid episode.

What about the guy at the mental institution that pointed out Charlie to Hurley ("there's a guy over there looking at you")??

mance01 said...

Jack's Dad was in the rocking chair?!?? I totally missed that.

Wow. I just started watching "Lost" after catching up with the other 3 seasons on DVD. It's infuriating to watch. But you just can't stop.

Tom said...

It wasn't Jack's dad, it was Jacob - who we totally saw for a split second back when Ben brought Locke to the cabin. Maybe he looked like Jack's dad, but it was Jacob. Seriously.

Also, just to clarify, that guy who parachuted onto the island at the end of the episode is not Luke Perry.

Skeezix said...

I love that there is a Pat Benatar dance, especially since it involves chair throwing.

Lost totally blew my mind.

Carly said...

I swear to god when the face appeared at the window I turned to my husband and said "Sarah just shit her pants." (His response was along the lines of "Huh? Who is Sarah?" so it really ruined the moment. But I am so happy to know I was right.)

I think the guy who parachuted in looks a LOT like the guy at the monitoring station who called penny and said "we think we found him." maybe they are there to rescue Locke's daddy and he's double crossing penny????


check out

for screen caps

A said...

I was going to recommend the same easter eggs website as Carly. If you look there, you will see that it is, in fact, Christian Shephard in Jacob's chair. Possibly he was visiting Jacob and it was Jacob's eye in the window?

Also, I don't think it was Locke's eye - I compared photos of them, and it doesn't really look like him at all. It looks more like Desmond, but I don't really think it's him either. Crazy!

Here's another great website for Lost analysis - http://www.powells.com/blog/?p=2879. Awesome.

Mon said...

that was jacks dad? how tricky lost people, i just assumed it was jacob, and now i have to go back and watch the damn thing again!. The fact that hurley saw him, good thing he left the island or benry would have shot him in the pit of skeletons like he did Locke.

Notice, benry never questioned why Locke came back and killed the parachute chick? benry wasnt suprised that locke wasnt dead. Am i the only one who thinks this is odd?

and mr. abaddon? holey crikey...saaaatan???????? lost souls? i thought that dude ben met in the others camp as a kid who told him to be patient, didnt age. i dont think lost souls age? omfg i love this show!!!!!!

Vicky said...

losteastereggs blog? Um thank you for changing my life... and by change my life I mean take away any free time I used to have. thanks.

Sassy Blondie said...

Seriously, Sarah! I have to read your recaps because I was seriously distracted by Jack's hotness.

I cried when Hurley told Claire about Charlie too...

Can't wait until Thursday!