Friday, February 29, 2008

I was lost in Dance Dance Party Party and then I was Lost

So last night was Dance Dance Party Party. It was held in a Yoga studio, and when we walked in the yoga class was finishing up. Then it was done and the teacher said, "I just need a few minutes to clean up then you guys can have your rehearsal." Rehearsal! As if we were a dance troupe. Let me tell you something, we would make an interesting dance troupe-interesting in the very, very bad way.

We were all friends which I have to say I was very thankful for. As soon as Danielle started the music, no one really knew what to do. I was scared. Apparently we were just supposed to start dancing away, but I was in the corner giggling with Jen. Also I was having a hard time because a guy who either worked there or was a student was sitting there. He was in front of a partial wall not watching us, not paying any attention to us at all, but I was so acutely aware of his presence that I couldn't relax.

After a little while, though, just as their literature says, you start to not care about that, and you just dance. And that is literally all you do. Pretend you're drunk at a bar only the bar is a giant dance studio-that's how free you are to dance. It ended up being totally awesome. Except for at one point the owner of the studio came up and turned our music down because she was giving massages downstairs from us. What-10 girls screaming "Footloose" isn't relaxing? She walked in without warning while we were basically doing leaps around the room (some of us (Sharda) were doing stripper moves we learned in stripper class). For a little while after the music was turned down, we were a little calmer. It's funny how the volume of music is proportional to the ridiculousness of your dance moves. By the way I am using the term "dance moves" very lightly here. It was basically just running around and being idiots and doing things you used to do in your front yard when you were 5.

Eventually we were back up to crazy, and luckily that's when the guy who had been paying no attention to us the whole time chose to walk through the room. Sadly, it was during The Silver Spoons Theme song which was the song that was to cue us that the final third portion of the night was beginning. Yeah-Silver Spoons. Awesome. I am obviously an amazing dancer, and right as he was walking in, I was doing a big sweeping point at everyone in the room. So when he turned to looked at us, what he saw was me pointing at him and singing , "You and IIIIIIIIIII!!!" Add that guy's name to the long list of boys who will never date me.

All in all, Dance Dance Party Party is really weird, but really awesome especially if you do it with your friends. What's really sad is that I am incredibly sore today. And also I think I pulled a muscle trying imitate Jen doing the Roger Rabbit. By the way, this is the best video I have ever seen in my life.

After DDPP, I came home and watched Lost. Spoilers ahead.

You guys, I know I say this every week, but seriously that episode was EFFING AWESOME! I thought it was absolutely incredible. First of all, having a mostly Desmond episode is always good. Plus, WTF is going on with all the time travel, time delays, etc!? So effing cool!

I really, honestly like the squirrely scientist guy even though he's really weird. I wonder if he's been on this island before-doing testing. It seems he, and the rest of the crew, know so much about it already. Maybe he's been there, and he's experienced the time traveling phenomenon. Remember they made a big point about saying how when he ran his experiments at Oxford, he didn't wear any radiation protection on his head, and earlier in the show he said it happens to people who have been exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism? It might explain his memory loss and why when he saw the footage of the Oceanic 815 wreckage and realized where it had crashed, he was crying like a baby. Remember that? Maybe he knew that meant he'd have to go back to the island. I just feel very strongly that he's been here before. I'm sure I'm wrong because I always am.

Other questions:

So now we know for sure the island is not operating on normal time. So if a day on the island = about 20 minutes in real life, how long have they really been on that island? Like 2 days? HOLY EFF!

Does this mean the Dharma Initiative was there doing experiments on the strange island time?

Why is Desmond so hot?

This island time thing would have to explain why women who get pregnant on the island can't have their babies, right?

Why is that group trying to find Ben?

Why did the white guy who played the Indian guy in "Short Circuit" look like he was 100 years old? How old does that make me?

If we know Sayid got off the island and he's on that boat now, does that mean Desmond gets off the island, too? He wouldn't be considered one of the Oceanic 6 because he wasn't on the plane so technically he could still be alive. Oh please, oh please, oh please!!

Why is Fahey so awesome on this show?

They have to be bringing Michael back soon, right? Because there's no way he got out of there on just a boat. It seems like you have to go through the air or something to break out of the weird island time crapola (these are all scientific terms, by the way).

This isn't a question but a final observation. When Scientist guy told Desmond he needed a constant, something he cared about in both 1996 and 2004, I was screaming at my television, "PENNY! PENNY!" And I said out loud, "I swear to God, Lost writers, if you make it so Des can't call Penny, I will absolutely kill you." And then he did, and it was one of the greatest moments that has ever happened on this show. If you didn't get a little weepy, you are dead inside. That was such a beautiful payoff, and I loved that she's been researching the island and knows where he is and she is never, ever going to stop looking for him. Oh my gosh, my heart can't even take it it's so amazing. I love you, Lost!


lengli said...

I am obviously an amazing dancer, and right as he was walking in, I was doing a big sweeping point at everyone in the room. So when he turned to looked at us, what he saw was me pointing at him and singing , "You and IIIIIIIIIII!!!" Add that guy's name to the long list of boys who will never date me.

This was one of the most amazing things I've ever read. On so many levels.

(Ricky [never Rick!!] Schroeder would be proud.)

Sizzle said...

Silver Spoons! Man, I really crushed on Ricky.

Lost is off the hook!

Skeezix said...

Dance Dance Party Party is the awesomest thing ever. I plan on doing something similar next weekend, except I'll be in bar full of gay boys and girls. Gay dance night is the best for just letting loose the bad dancer inside of me.

Lost, does indeed, rock.

As does Jericho. You've been watching, RIGHT?!

Anonymous said...

You were amazing! Granted, Meg and her leotard, leg warmers, and sweatband won the award for most spirit, but you were such a great sport! I also clarified with the studio owner our purpose today, so we can plan dance parties/massage relax time better. Thanks for coming and supporting this!

If it makes you feel better, I hurt on the entire right side of my body from trying to break dance and crabwalk. Not cool.


Brandi said...

I so want to find friends to go with me to the DDPP in the LA area. Thanks for the link on that.

Sassy Blondie said...

HOLY SHIT, Sarah! While I'll make just a passing reference to your DDPP foray with a "Good for you! Sounds like you had fun!", I MUST talk about Lost!

You and I seem to have the same questions, as we do share the Jack and Desmond love quite profoundly. And I cried my eyes out with the Des/Pen call (I'm going to tell anyone who asks it's just the PMS, but well...). I thought I was going to piss/shat myself the past few weeks with this show! How in the hell are they going to explain a space/time continuum issue? And why is it such a problem for them to put Kate and Jack together?? Aaron is Jack's freakin' nephew for the love of Mike!

And I still don't like Juliet...she's all smurking around being all googly-eyed at Jack. Blegh. And why are they making Locke so batshit crazy?? He's scarier than Ben these days...almost. Sayid killing people for Ben? I'm freakin' out for the week in between episodes!

Whew! Anyway, I'll check back with you after next week's episode...

Anonymous said...

I have to say that was the best television EVER. never have I seen TV that good. But if i may add, I think that the island time and real time are closer than that, I think the difference is really just hours because when Desmond called Penny it was still Christmas Eve for her as well and Sayid said he almost forgot it was Christmas noting that they've been on the island for about 90 days.

D-HOR said...

So... CAN you drink before you go??? :P Did you dance together at all or just alone? I can only girl-on-girl dance when I'm drunk I think. And I tend to giggle a lot if they drop it hot on me, I just can't take it.

And what the HELL would be wrong with that guy?? If you pointed and sang at ME, my little hetero heart would sing! How could he not think that was WAY cool??? I'm for real here, not playing, screw that dude. Lamo.

Anonymous said...

DUDE. i found your page on john virgil's page and now i read your blog too! you are HILARIOUS!!
-JEN from chicago

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