Thursday, August 24, 2006

Funky Buddha

Reasons why the cabbie who drove Drew, Diane and I downtown 2 weeks ago was awesome:

  • 300 pound white guy with an afro
  • Wrap around sunglasses
  • Use to be a cabbie in LA
  • Owns 300 acres in Virginia
  • The 300 acres are basically just a giant natural gas field
  • He's making tens of thousands of dollars off this natural gas
  • His name is Buddha
  • Loves Ohio State, but he hates the parking there
  • Listening to him rant about OSU parking was amazing
  • Told us a story that he witnessed first-hand about a guy who was tailgating a semi: the semi's tire blew out, the rubber from the tire flew back at 60mph, went through the guy's windshield and cut him in half.
  • Story above was told as a warning to us to never tailgate a semi
  • Story above worked. Semi now on the list of "Vehicles to not follow on the highway" along with cars carrying ladders and those trucks that haul new cars
  • Story above almost made me puke.
  • Pagan minister
  • Arrested in San Francisco for performing gay marriage ceremonies
  • Seriously his name is Buddha

In short, he is amazing, and I love him. At first I was scared of him. Then I realized he was the most interesting person I've ever talked to. Then I had nightmares for a week about getting cut in half by a flying tire. But still-I heart Buddha.


Anonymous said...

This is the same guy who also told Diane how to get to work quicker right?

Man! I've had terrible luck lately with Cleveland cabs. Last week, the cabbie Christy and I had told us how at least three times a year he has sex with passengers and sometimes people invite him to watch and he thinks about it so long as the meter is running.

We were convinced we had stumbled into the Taxi Rapist Cab, meanwhile you get to ride with a God. Amazing luck! -Steph

Golightly said...

LMAO--300 lb white guy with afro named Buddha. hilarious.

Oh, that girl. said...

I have said this many times before, but I must say it again. I WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH YOU!!!

Love Always and forever,

Oh, That girl.

Sarah said...

Oh That Min Pin Girl, I'm in. By the way, what happened to your blog!?

JD said...

You need a camera phone so you can share the fun.

heather said...

300 pound man, 300 acres, 300 wild afro hairs sticking out of his chicken-flesh colored head.... what is it with 300?

The only thing I love that is 300 is, like, 300 different liquors to choose from... or beers..... or wines. I like a variety to choose from.

Johnny Virgil said...

LMAO--300 lb white guy with afro named Buddha. hilarious.

Wait -- he named his afro? I'm confused.

AG said...

I think this may be The One I have mentioned to you before! I knew he would show up one day. But in a cab?!

I have a new blog home. Click my profile or check your email. :)

Oh, that girl. said...

Hey, I have moved. Email me to get the new address;