Monday, August 28, 2006

Just because something only lasts 14 seconds doesn't mean it wasn't spectacular

I owe you a post because according to Sharda I've been slacking, but we went to Put in Bay this weekend and I think I am still hungover. It was ridiculously fun, and I have some good stories. Here's a preview: Gordo totally made out with an old lady. More on that later.

I wasn't going to watch the Emmy's last night, but then I found out Conan was hosting, and holy effing crapola, people, I was not disappointed. I'm sorry but that guy is the smartest and funniest guy working on television today (Jon Stewart is right behind him). He's an effing genius, and I would give my right arm if I could just get some effing tickets to his show so he could see me across the room, realize we are soulmates and have a bunch of babies with me.

If there is anyone out there who is disagreeing with me, you obviously didn't see a) the show's intro, b) him locking Bob Newhart in an airtight container and saying if the show ran long Newhart would die or c) him introducing the accountants from Ernst & Young. Holy Christ. I have never laughed so hard.

Conan, I love you. No seriously-I am in love with you. I will not stop until I have you. Oh yes-you will be mine. Or Bob Newhart will die.


Golightly said...

Last night was the 1st time I stayed tune for the entire Emmy broadcast and I'd have to say it was because of Conan! Freaking HILARIOUS...I loved the "Trouble" number and the EY Accountants line up.

Anonymous said...

he was excellent - you didn't mention the Lost spoof and the trip through The Office (I love Jim: "I did NOT make Conan fall through the air vent")


Anonymous said...

no wait... you did mention... ugh.


Oh, that girl. said...

Totally drove through Ohio on Sunday and thought of you the entire way. Maybe on the way home we can meet up for a drink? Then making out, of course.

Other Brother said...

My girlfriend called me from Rhode Island and she was sitting next to Conan and his wife at a diner. I freaked. She wouldn't put him on the phone. We're still fighting about that one.

~The Goofy Ass Chick said...

It was the first telecast I've watched from beginning to end too. Hell, I even watched E!'s Live from the Red Carpet crap. I'm sad, I know. But anyway, It was freaking awesome. Everything had me in stitches. I loved it all, but laughed out really really hard when Conan was on Southpark. :-)

Oh, and the Shonda Rimes was ROBBED for the writing on Grey's Anatomy. I was so bummed for her.