Thursday, April 14, 2005

Things I have been doing a lot of lately

  • Matthew McConnaughey
  • Sit ups
  • Using the condoms that are in my nightstand
  • Performing my duties at work
  • Cooking meals more complicated than fish sticks
  • Jogging
  • Caring who wins “The Apprentice”
  • Starting forest fires
  • Reading instead of watching TV
  • Wishing Kurt Russell wasn’t totally awesome
  • Wearing half shirts
  • Writing love letters to Scott Peterson
  • Crack cocaine
  • Being tan
  • Practicing medicine out of my apartment
  • Voting for Scott Savol to win American Idol and/or Pope

NOTE: I have been doing absolutely none of these. Except writing to Scott Peterson. I am really lonely.


Anonymous said...

The jogging thing really scared me, Sarah. I hate running.

Erik with a K said...

You got my attention with the condom thing...well that stinks (about the lonely part).

You are so freakin awesome (people used to tell me that and I'd yell at them to shut the fuck up, since i was rejected by the equivalent of the Kroger bagging girl once).

Maybe you just need to run into some good guys. Literally, try lining one up from like 20 yards away and just ram into them full speed, you may want a helmet... You're lucky you have such totally cool family and friends, including some crazy New Yorkers.

danielle said...

hey, i want in on this running at guys full speed thingy. good plan.

Sarah said...

AG - I love how the jogging thing scared you more than crack cocaine or starting forest fires. That is why you are awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

^5 Sarah. :)

slcup said...

I'd like to write Scott Peterson love letters too. I really like bad boys, and he seems pretty bad to me. Maybe we could all hang out together or something.

jess. said...

Starting fires sounds kind of fun though...

danielle said...

HEL-LO janet. apparently no one thinks that u doing matthew mc is fun.

John said...

I've started some pretty sweet fires.

ORF said...

Erik with a k: was that "crazy New Yorkers" comment directed at me?!?! you better watch it, boy-o. I've got a place to stay in the CLE AND i'm crazy, you know...

Seriously tho, Sarah, I got totally jealous when I thought your condom supply might be dwindling...mine lies pathetically fallow...maybe we should switch cities for a while in the hope that our presence as exotic interlopers would help us score in the sack. Erik's idea might work too, tho.

Sarah said...

Um, Erik, I was a Kroger bagging girl in college. For real. But I would never reject you (as long as you weren't married) so hopefully that brings you some closure. Also, thanks for the sweet comment. :)

Urban Princess, Scott isn't bad-he's just misunderstood. We should go visit him. I definitely would not be scared that he was going to kill me and dump me in the ocean.

OhReally, count me in for the Sexually Deprived Exchange program.

Violet said...

Don't be lonely! You've got a really great to do list going there! And I love the idea of the sexually deprived exchange network. I smell a start-up!

ARM said...

Seriously...this is hilarious!