Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Won't you be my neighbor

Today we went and checked out the condo which, by the way, has become a habit of mine. I just go to the windows and look in, longingly. Anyway, my appliances are in and are so awesome I just want to go inside and spoon with them. But that was not even the highlight of the day. More important than that, I saw the guy who will be living directly across from me.

He is very friendly and semi-creepy. He has two cars: one boring grandpa-like car and a Corvette. They both have the letters UAW in the license plate. And the best thing of all is that he has a perm that is dangerously close to being a mullet. That's right, folks-a Permmullet.

How hot is that. Most of the other people I've seen who will be living around me look like they are in my exact situation-young professionals with blogs, but I totally scored the Permmullet right across the street.

John and I have lists of things we want to do before we die, and all I'm saying is that I've never made out with a Permmullet before. Draw your own conclusions.

P.S. This morning on this was one of the headlines:

"PETA accuses lab of punching monkeys".

Holy crap that's awesome. PETA would get more of my sympathy if they called more people monkey punchers.

P.P.S. Someone got to my blog by searching on this:



BTExpress said...

How do you know how people found your blog?

Johnny Virgil said...

Whereas you still have "make out with permullet" on your list, I am almost positive that John has that one checked off already.

"AG" said...

"Most of the other people I've seen who will be living around me look like they are in my exact situation-young professionals with blogs"

As you would say, I almost peed my pants reading that.

If possible, take and post pics of the Permmullet.

Sarah said...

BT, I am not, as they say, very computer savvy. But I use the free counter from statcounter (, and you can see the stats for the last 100 visitors. On there you can see where the visitors came from, and sometimes the URLs are Google or Yahoo searches. That is the only way I know how to do it. Sorry. I think Sitemeter is another site that will give you a free counter and stats.

JV, I guarantee it's checked off for John. He is way ahead of me in the "making out with specific mullet types" category.

AG, oh hell yeah pics will be taken.

Ryan said...

"Permmullets, Monkey Punchers, and Hookers", Oh My!

I'm really enjoying this site.

~jess~ said...

Ohhh Sarah. That post made me laugh so hard that I have big fat tears rolling down my cheeks right now. That one is definitely one for the fridge.

And good luck with the new neighbour.

Amy said...

omg, i love this blog. i've been reading it for a little bit now, and i KNOW its on my "to keep" list.

just wanted to express how awsome that is that you're getting a condo! i used to live in one, then moved. they're pretty cool.

danielle said...

whoa there missy. i think it only makes sense to let the mufflet break in the permmullet.

Sarah said...

You have a point, Mufflet. This really is your area of expertise. Okay I will take sloppy permmullet seconds.

John said...

I might grow a permullet. I wish my job title was monkey puncher. Holy crap that would give my life meaning.