Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Closing time

16 hours from now I will be closing on my condo. They'll hand me the keys, and it will be mine, and I will immediately go roll around on the carpet. Half of me is completely ecstatic beyond what is even reasonable. But the other half can't stop crying. The thing is-this is not what I was supposed to be doing this year. I was supposed to be buying a house with my future husband and then a dog and then a wedding dress and then a crib and then a minivan. Condo for one was not on the agenda.

Life totally just changed my whole agenda and didn't even email me a copy. What the hell is up with that. All I know is if you worked at the bank, Life, that shit wouldn't fly.

But then this morning Scott pointed out an item on the agenda that I didn't see. And that is this:

"Molly Ringwald declaring she's interested in making a sequel to her 1984 hit movie, Sixteen Candles after reading a script she liked." -- E! Online

Holy effing shit. Please let this be true. Dear God, it has been a rough year for me and my friends. Don't we deserve some happiness in the form of Molly Ringwald? Can't you see that much like your son, she is a chosen one? There is a void in Hollywood-vast and dark-that only she can fill. Lord...hear our prayer.

P.S. If I promise to limit my use of the F word while driving, will you throw in Anthony Michael Hall?


Nicki said...

A sequel would be sweet!


Nick Ward said...


I know its a really stressful time for you right now, but honestly, ater a few days 'settling in' to your new condo, you'll wonder why you ever thought that the married/kids/campervan were so important to you. Being single again after being part of a couple is a big wrench, but very quickly you'll realise that all the heartache, all the tears, all the sleepless nights, that YAK-YEURGH feeling you've had in your stomach, they will ALL have gone.

You'll wake up one morning, the sun will be streaming in your windows, and a BIG cheesy grin will spread across your face, and you'll think to yourself; "Yup. THIS is me. Why should I need anyone else to tell me who I am? I already KNOW!" And thats when you'll know that you've cracked it.

It just takes a little time.

Take care, and I'll imagine you rolling around on your new carpet! :-)

Erik with a K said...

whoa - did a depressed English robot designer just say something about rolling around on your carpet?

"The Internets, bringing people together since the early 90s..."

Gordon said...

You know what would totally make you feel better? Letting Drew and I come over and get hammered at your new condo and pass out on your new carpet.

THEN it would totally feel like home.

PS If you roll around on your carpet, how do you get back on your crutches?

Tigerlily said...

Gordon totally read my mind. It will make you feel so much better once you see me passed out on your carpet, reeking of Crown Royal. I will spare you the sight of me in a bikini though.

Violet said...


I'm so sorry about the curveball and life not working out as planned. But you're doing great, getting on with your life and buying your own condo and screw him!, you don't need him. Hang in there. I'm sure there's something so much better in the works.

By the way, people told me once I bought a place, the guy would come. (If you build it, they will come.) And he did! So you've got that to look forward to!

Good luck with the closing!

slcup said...

Dear Cool-as-me-Sarah: Congratulations on the new home, you're officially a grown-up. It's such a cliche, but it's so true, someone better will come along. I didn't see my curve ball coming five years ago, and I couldn't be happier now. Being single is awesome (most of the time). When Gordon and Toren and gonna pass out on your carpet, can I draw crap all over them, right before I pass out, too?

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! And enjoy being single! I've been married 8 years and I'm very happy and love him dearly. However, having gotten married at 17!! yes, 17... I didn't get a chance to 'grow up' on my own and experience what it was like to make things happen for myself. So enjoy it! There is plenty of time for yucky boys ;) On a side note- I am building my own business now and the Man has nothing to do with it.. so I'm just starting a little late :)

Nick Ward said...

Sarah, (And Erik with a K!)

Hey, I might be/have been depressed, but I still know a good time when I think it!

What colour is your new carpet?!

Huh! Robot designer, indeed! That's PRATTY robot designer to you guys. :-)

Anyway, enough.


Sarah said...

You guys are so awesome!! Thanks for all the nice comments. I can't wait till we're all passed out on my carpet together and covered in SLCUPS special magic marker designs.

P.S. Gordo and Drew, I'm thinking the hammered and passing out combo might be happening relatively soon--moving day maybe? I'm just saying we are never drunk.

Matt said...

I love Crown...and, well...I'll be damned if I don't think Crown might like me just a little bit too. Maybe I should have one of those tonight?

~jess~ said...

Sixteen Candles was a great movie but it's a litle late for a sequel, isn't it?

And that's exciting about the condo - I wouldlove to be single with my own fabulous home.

At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader - you go, girl!

Gordon said...

Exactly, we are totally never fact, I haven't even had a beer in 18 hours....granted, I slept for 7 of those, and have been at work for another 8...but..still

Kara0303 said...

I think you and I have lived in some sort of crazy parallel universe for the past year or so. Break-ups, purchasing new homes, dogs...I was supposed to be married by this time this year according to my agenda, too, with a house, and a dog, etc. But that didn't happen, so I kept my agenda sans the husband. I got the house, I got the dog, I got over it, and I know everything's gonna be alright. I understand more than you know. Again, congrats on the condo purchase. You rock!

ThatGirl7278 said...

Hear Hear! Congratulations hon. Have one of your friends take some digital pics and post those bad boys up on here. I wanna see the new place.