Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I have no idea what to say about Tom and Katie being engaged except.....hublahagheahdhgblahgbahhgblahgh. That's me vomiting. Tom's entire family is a cult, and Katie is the newest member. I wonder what the wedding will be like. The bride will be carried down the aisle by guys wearing loin cloths then everyone will dance and sing in a circle around her while she drinks the blood of a lamb. Then they'll cut the cake and playfully smush it on each other's faces because cult or not, some traditions just don't change.

I respected both of you, Katie and Tom, now I am respectfully laughing at you. Or disrespectfully laughing-whatever. That doesn't mean I won't go see your movies because a) Batman, seriously and b) Mission Impossible 3, seriously. But as far as socially, we can no longer see each other. It's not me, it's you.

To the anonymous commenter who left this comment on one of my posts from like a week ago:

You know what else is lame? An education. That is, if you have the final say on what is lame. I want to be mad at you, but you called me a "looser" so I really just want to give you a noogie and call you a rascal. Dumbass.


slcup said...

The whole TomKat thing grosses me out. He's so crazy that I'm surprised a guy in a white coat and ginormous butterfly net isn't chasing him around the globe.

And, everytime I hear one of them say, 'I'm so very, very happy' it sounds like they're trying to convince themselves as well as us. Shut up already!

Amy said...

What the hell, Joey?! Get back with Pacey, dammit!!!

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

And she's a virgin to boot.

What a special wedding night that will be.

~jess~ said...


She's a virgin? She was with that guy for like 4 years, and never fucked him?? Jesus.

Also, the word "looser" reminds me of high school when no one knew how to spell but me. God I hated that. Honestly, I think that's how my english teacher spelled it. Ugh.

Sarah said...

I bet your English teacher is the one who called me a looser.

Afe said...

It's better than being a losser.