Thursday, June 30, 2005

My life has lost its meaning

Please read this. All my hopes and dreams just went up in smoke


Violet said...

It'll never last. When he comes crawling to your door, Garner will have trained him well and you two will live happily ever after! The end!

russ said...

I think you can do better. Just look at the box-office this guy generates. I actually think his best roles were in support (Shakespeare in Love, Good Will Hunting, ...Buffy the Vampire Slayer). That probably shows that he's actually a decent actor, but his charisma's just a bit off to open and/or carry a film.

Plus, he's been timed at 54min 17sec in the one-handed bra-removal competition. C'mon.

Okapi said...

I just love the fact that they linked his box office flops.

Golightly said...

EEK! Now I have even more reason to hate her.
I was, too, loving the flops link--hee hee