Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Orleans

I am leaving for New Orleans in the morning. I just really wanted to visit a place that seems to be in the path of every single hurricane. Actually Shannon has a conference there this week that ends tomorrow so a bunch of us are going down there to meet up with her and explore the drinks, I mean, city.

I've never been there before, but I have heard from numerous sources that it is a really fun and exciting place. Plus I think it's where "Girls Gone Wild" gets most of their material so it can't be all bad.

I actually think it will be good for my diet since it is about 100 degrees there and 7,000% humidity. The weight should, quite literally, just melt right off.

Another interesting tidbit about New Orleans: it's below sea level so all the bodies in the cemeteries are above ground. So currently the image I have in my head of New Orleans is like at the end of Poltergeist where all the caskets/corpses are coming up through the floor and the swimming pool (holy crap-remember the swimming pool part!?), and while the bodies are coming up through the ground they are throwing beads at college girls who are lifting their tops. It's an interesting image.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'm sure I'll have some stories for you when I get back. Hopefully none of them will be about me getting stuck in a swimming pool with a bunch of corpses.


Erik Holtan said...

I LOVE New Orleans!
Have fun there! I would rather go there than Vegas! Don't drink THAT much, but get some beads!

Scott said...

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!! (This has nothing to do with this post). I was off from work for 1 freakin' week. And it just happened to be National Boob Insecurity week. GD! I could have had sanctioned boob staring for hours on end - but NOOOO I had to take a week of vacation.

Golightly said...

not good for any diet: Cafe DuMonde, but so worth it!
Have fun on your trip!

Wachel Way said...

New Orleans is great. Have a hurricane at O'Briens! If you are creeped out by poltergeist- check out the voodoo places. Great food great fun! Have a great time

John said...

one thing that might put a damper on your boy search is that entire city smells like ass. You'll meet a boy and both of you will be wondering "hmm I hope it's not him/her that smells like ass"

heather said...

Have a great trip - and hey, after a couple of the really good drinks- every one looks like a walking corps. HAVE A GREAT TIME THOUGH!