Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Big Easy

We're back from New Orleans, and I can use two words to sum up the trip: effing awesome. It was by no means a relaxing trip, but holy crap was it ever fun. It was so fun, in fact, that I had to take off work today to recover.

Steph graded us on our "performance" which basically means she graded us on how fun we were. She said I set the curve which I think is a nice way of saying I made the biggest ass out of myself. There were roughly 10 hours of the whole trip that I was not intoxicated or dancing or molesting Jace.

That city is a trip and a half, and I would gladly go back again once I successfully complete detox. I have only two complaints:

1. It is so hot and humid, half off my face melted off and has yet to solidify completely since being back. Seriously, how do you people who live there deal with that heat? There was not one millisecond where I was not sweating from every single pore on my entire body. Even when I was inside in the air conditioning I was still sweating. I would take a shower, step out and begin sweating. I remember when I saw "A Time To Kill", and everyone looked really sweaty and greasy the whole time, and I was like, "God don't they have air conditioning in the south? It's not like this is set in the 1900's." And now I realize just how realistic that movie is. What is the deal with that? No seriously-I need an answer from somebody.

I will never complain about the humidity in Cleveland again. At least not for like another week.

2. As John said, it smells like ass. That city smells so bad I almost vomited 10 times—which probably would've made it smell better.

Anyway, anyone who is thinking about going to The Big Easy, I highly recommend it if you are into a party atmosphere. Do not bring your kids like all the idiots I saw with 4 and 5 year olds who then had to explain why a) there are pictures of naked women/people having sex everywhere, b) that girl is sitting on the curb looking dazed and laughing for no reason (me), c) seemingly normal girls are lifting their tops for shiny beads and d) that guy jumped off the balcony and is now being led away in an ambulance (this really happened).

Holy shit I'm still hungover. Sarah need sleepy.


Erik Holtan said...

You drank in NO?
I thought that was the city where all the Mormons live?
I must have my cities wrong!
Cool you had a great time. If you come back from NO and were bored than you SHOULD move to where the mormons are!
No offense to Mormons!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I live in Houston and it is just as bad. Our "winters" last all of a couple months and I've worn t-shirts on Christmas day many a time. It sucks!


Rob Seifert said...

One of these days, Cher and I will climb on a bike and go to marti gras and witness the big easy in all her grandure. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. We'll definitely leave the kids at home.


Charlotte said...

The heat does suck.. I live south of Houston near the coast and seriously the humidity is so high you can get swimmer's ear. No kidding.. you can freakin' get swimmer's ear from being outside!! As I type this the heat index is like 105 and my air conditioner makes it feel like a cool 95..whoo hoo! So, I completely understand the sweating all the time thing.. probably why New Orleans smells so bad! :)

slcup said...

Erik, the Mormons live here in Salt Lake City with me. We're one big happy family! hahahaha

Mon said...

Hey, if there are places more humid than here (OH) forget it.
I can't hang here as it is!
So NO is not like those places that reach 110 and people say 'oh, its a DRY heat, you dont notice it' whatever! hot is hot! lol!