Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More wedding highlights

Here are some more of the highlights (that I remember) from Bob and Carrie's wedding:

- ALoyd making out with a bridesmaid at the bar (yes we saw you Loyd)
- Sharda leaning her full weight on the door of the hotel shuttle van and then just opening the door and literally spilling out onto the ground face first
- Drew throwing his full drink at Diane thereby soaking the front of her dress and then yelling at her because his drink was gone
- Tony stripping down to only his knee socks, dress shoes and tie and streaking in the parking lot of the reception hall then mid-streak grabbing a plastic lawn chair and running with it over his head
- Meg all by herself at the table dancing like a banshee on speed and Kim saying, "There's the bullseye." (If you haven't seen "Wedding Crashers" you won't get this)
- Steph and Diane stealing champagne from other people's tables
- Me wearing Tony's tuxedo vest for a good 45 minutes and then Woody's tie for pretty much the whole night
- Carrie bitching about how the DJ wasn't playing enough 90's music
- The kid in the wifebeater biting Steph on the arm
- Single people having a "shot party" everytime a slow song came on. Sidenote: I haven't done shots since my freshman year in college. I did like 86 or something like that on Saturday.
- Bob telling me that now that he's married it's going to be much harder for him and I to make out
- Falvo jumping in the hotel pool buck naked
- Tony jumping in the hotel pool with his tux on
- Aloyd getting thrown into the hotel pool fully clothed by Falvo and Tony
- Diane and I getting in a fight (can't remember why) and her throwing pizza at my face then me shoving pizza down the front of her dress then 5 seconds later not being mad at each other but deciding we were mad at Drew
- Woody basically passing out on a deskchair and ottoman
- Gordo walking into our room the next morning wearing his boxer shorts and a polo that was inside out

Wait-were we at a wedding or were we at college?


russ said...

How can you possibly own a condo?

Sarah said...

I have no idea. How do I have a full time job?

Gordon said...

How did I even have the wherewithall to put a polo shirt on?

ALoyd said...

This post is AWESOME. By the way, we were NOT making out... that girl was a "close-talker".

Tigerlily said...

Seriously, I really think there was some kind of switch at the hospital when we were born.

Anonymous said...

in steph and diane's defense...they did attempt to return the champaigne bottles once steph refilled them with water. tara stopped me and told me that was inappropriate. yeah, that was the inappropriate part of that night. -steph

slcup said...

I want to quit my job and move to Ohio to hang out with you people. My life seems so boring in comparison!

John said...

Tony walks around naked in the porking lot but swims in his tux. He's a smooth operator.

a fan said...

I think you're so great. I hope I am just like you in six years. And I do not think six years is a long time, I think you are very young (according to my estimation of your age based on the ten year reunion info) and please don't take my comment otherwise