Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Whoa sorry

I'm sorry if I brought you all down with my last post. I really didn't mean it to sound that sad. That is why I talked about ripping things out of assholes at the end. Apparently I alarmed some people. I am okay-that was just some much needed closure. Having to deal with that apartment was really annoying, and I just wanted to be rid of it, and now I am. It didn't affect me the way I thought it would, but it was closure nonetheless. B's a jackoff, and I know that, and I will have random sex with strangers to prove that I am dealing with this breakup healthily. Wait...

Here is something to cheer you up: last night I dreamt that we were at some big county fair and there was an elephant doing tricks and all of a sudden it broke loose and started stomping on people and going crazy. So Diane and I jumped into our station wagon (?) to drive away, but he jumped in the backseat and was growling at us, you know because elephants are always growling, so I just started singing some Pat Benetar (obviously), and it totally calmed him down, and he went back into his cage, and I saved the entire fair. Then--in my dream--I thought, 'Man, I seriously need to blog about this.'

I found out that dreaming about an elephant means you are laying the groundwork for wealth and success. Normally I don't believe in that stuff, but come on--clearly I am laying that groundwork by blogging at work and buying lottery tickets. Freaky, huh?


Violet said...

"Then--in my dream--I thought, 'Man, I seriously need to blog about this.'"

My favorite part of the whole dream!

Plus, I'm glad you're ok. How are you loving the condo?

Anonymous said...

sarah, elephants acting up and stomping on people. it clearly represents republicans. maybe it's time for another one of our political chats. you know, the kind where i start talking and you watch MTV Real World with diane over my shoulder. -steph

slcup said...

Did you see it last night? Danny's mom died. The kid has had nothing but shitty things happen to him since he touched down in Austin.

Erik Holtan said...

OK as for the elephant dream!
If you stop taking drugs you might stop having them!

danielle said...

whoa. last night i dreamt that there were litte teal and white striped rubber lizards running around inside my freezer. that's crazy.