Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The high road

Dear B,

On Wednesday I closed up the apartment and left my keys never to return. I thought it would be easy to leave considering everything that happened there, but I was horribly wrong. I couldn't leave. For 45 minutes I sobbed so hard I thought I would never stop.

I walked through the entire apartment picturing you in every room.

The kitchen where you made me dinner and surprised me with homemade chocolate covered strawberries.

The dining room where you hung up all your Baltimore pictures and made me read articles about sports on the Internet.

The living room where we watched TV every night and talked about our days, our friends, our families-everything.

The sunroom where you would wait for me to come home from work and then peek up over the window sill and tell me you were happy I was home.

The bedroom where we had our deepest conversations laying side by side until we fell asleep and then woke up next to each other every morning.

When we moved in there 16 months ago in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined that one day in July I'd be closing up that apartment by myself and going to live someplace else without you.

After two years of loving you more than I knew it was possible to love another person and two years of thanking God every day for bringing you into my life, I would just like to say that I hope your next girlfriend dumps you so hard it feels like your heart was ripped directly out of your asshole.

You suck.



Scott said...

Dear B,

Way to break my friend's heart. Thanks a-hole.

Amy said...

I love you, Sarah!! Boys suck sometimes.

P.S. I was thinking since you met B on a plane, perhaps you should explore some alternative methods of transportation in search of new love. Trains, subways, helicopters or boats may be the way to go. Stay stong! ;)

Johnny Virgil said...

Sorry Sarah. He didn't deserve you.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Good to do this, you're leaving the ghosts behind.

Tigerlily said...

Dear B,
I know your name, your general location, and that you are an unbelievable asshole. SLeep with one eye open. You should go gay and get with my little man friend, you two deserve each other.


Carly said...

so sorry Sarah... big hug...

PS: he's an asshole.

Erik Holtan said...

Shamus ODrunkehan-
What a cool name! I love it!
Now to Sarah,
Hey I could say be all non asshole like and say cliched things like
"Keep your chin up" or "You can do better" or "Yeah he was an asshole"
But honestly, you need to suck it up! All this living in the past is just a memory!
Oh, sorry, I must have gotten Mr. B syndrome!
Mr. B wasn't your dog or anything was he, and this is some kind of joke? Cause I've seen your other posts, and they are funny! This ones sad!
Oh well, Keep your chin up Sarah!
He was an Asshole, you can do better!
Have a great day!

Oh, that girl. said...

dearest a-hole who broke sara's hart,
I hope your always smell like a fart,
If your anything like the man she described,
in a few years, viagra will be prescribed,
If I find you in baltimore (i know your a fan)
I will kill you and run you over with my minivan

slcup said...


Mon said...

Fear not. Karma. It's a bitch. And, it is very real!!! Sit back, and wait!!!!!!!!!!

It's good to get this shit out of your system. It's your blog, you should get it out however you need to. It really does help other people! =)

Gordon said...

Yeah, dude, trust me, you are so much better off for a number of reasons

1) you don't have to share S&V pringles with anyone,

2) He interfered with your ability to ingest giant bottles of Arbor Mist

3) I doubt he would approve of your constant unbuttoning of Jace's shirt in public....

See? Much better.

G-bomb said...

I second what Mon said - it's all about the Karma: indirect payback is sweet. You're handling this in exactly the right way. I've done it - lot's of us have done it... blog the hell out of it - and oh it feels good.