Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tag team back again

I am getting tagged all over the place. This time it was my favorite Urban Princess.

10 years ago: I had a spiral perm and worked at Target. I was also avoiding all conversation and activities that had to do with going away to college because I didn't want to go.

5 years ago: I was drunk.

1 year ago: I was living with the person I was 100% sure I was going to marry, and also I was drunk. In retrospect that may be the reason I thought I was going to marry him.

Yesterday: I went out to dinner with my parents, grandparents, sister and Drew. Listen I'm just going to come out and say it: Olive Garden rules. I don't care what anyone says.

Tomorrow: Faking my way through work and then spending my life savings at Old Navy.

5 snacks I enjoy: Salt & Vinegar Pringles, Sour Patch Kids, kettle corn, strawberries, ice cream

5 bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs: Indigo Girls, Vertical Horizon, Backstreet Boys (sorry), Billy Joel, The Format

5 things I'd do with $100,000,000: Pay off credit card bills and my house, buy houses for my family, take all my friends to Vegas, throw it in a pile on my bed and roll around in it, gloat

5 locations I'd like to run away to: New York City, Vail, Vegas, Hawaii, Neverland

5 bad habits I have: eating when I'm bored, chewing on my nails/cuticles, interrupting, unbuttoning my friends' shirts when I am drunk, stealing from homeless people

5 things I like doing: singing, sleeping, drinking, making fun of people, Skee-ball

5 things I will never wear: turtleneck sweater, poncho (nice SLCUPS), bermuda shorts, athletic cup, electronic surveillance bracelet (this is wishful thinking)

5 TV shows I like: Only 5? Friends, Lost, Designed to Sell (nerd), Scrubs, Family Ties (Michael J. Fox forever)

5 movies I like: A Few Good Men, Vacation, Wedding Crashers, Hoosiers, The Goonies, Mean Girls, Office Space, Tommy Boy, Van Wilder, Almost Famous, Varsity Blues, Shrek, Anchorman, Die Hard, Bridget Jones' Diary, Ocean's Eleven--okay that may be more than 5.

5 people I'd like to meet: Will Ferrell, Conan O'Brien, Vince Vaughn, my parents when they were kids, David Hasselhoff

5 biggest joys at the moment: my condo, going to Put In Bay this weekend, HGTV, Drew got a new job, the promise of jello shots.

5 favorite toys: Playdoh, Lite Brite, my mp3 player, Big Wheel, Diane

I am tagging my work bitches (John and Scott). I would tag Danielle as well, but I already tagged her before, and frankly she wasn't all that great. Wait--what are we talking about?


Erik Holtan said...

First of all,
I know I am always saying weird things, but by you opening your post with "I'm geting tagged all over the place" a pervert would take that the wrong way!
Also, this is a cool tag! And I am SO in lust with your blog!

mc said...

Maybe someone should tag John. He hasn't blogged for awhile now and everytime I check it the picture of that guy freaks me out.

russ said...


slcup said...

When you say "Neverland", do you mean the place with Peter Pan or the Michael Jackson's ranch?

Anonymous said...

No offense russ! I can't take your stunning good looks everytime I load his blog. Load his blog...that sounds like a porno movie about blogging...hmm...

Sarah said...

Erik - You mean a pervert like you? Just kidding-I'm the perv. I wrote it that way on purpose. :)

Matt - Yay! I miss you. Also seriously John sux.

Russ - It's fine. I enjoy your picture especially after you pointed out your misshapen hand.

SLCUPS - Peter Pan! I don't think they let people as old as me into Michael Jackson's Neverland. Whoa-a Michael Jackson as pedophile joke. So original!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

Eat a cock, Lonnie.

John said...

Eat a cock,Lonnie. Ok I'm working on my tag now.

ORF said...

Yay for NYC!!!