Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My condo: The Bedroom

So since my condo is in pretty good shape and I'm almost done, I thought I would begin to show you what it looks like. Today's feature is the bedroom or, as I call it, The Magic Den.

The pictures don't really do it justice because it is so big, and has a vaulted ceiling, but you will get the idea. Also I am not what scientists might call a "decorator" so don't expect greatness in that arena. But I think it looks pretty so poo on you.


This is standing in my doorway looking in. I swear the blue on the walls is not really that bright. In case you can't tell, my furniture is effing awesome and beautiful. The yellow picture frame on my nightstand is a picture of my puppy Henry. He is amazing. That thing that looks like a Christmas tree is basically a Christmas tree. It's a grapevine tree with lights and ribbon on it and stuff. It is the single most creative thing I have ever done in my entire existence.


This is standing in a corner of my room looking at the TV. Yes, I know it is very high. That is on purpose. I hate when I'm lying in bed, and I have to bend my windpipe in half just so I can see a TV that is too low. This is at a perfect height so I can just lay there and look at it. I am a genius.

Underneath the TV is a bunch of Precious Moments and some other collectibles. It doesn't look as trashy in person as it does in this picture. But yes-that is the cable cord you see behind the TV. It looks like shit, but I really don't care. In this picture you can also see one of my closets. I have another just like that one which are connected inside so it's one long closet. Then next to that one I have ANOTHER closet. It's a virtual wall of closets. Well, it's not so much virtual as it is an actual wall of closets. Also see those blinds? John put those up while high on painkillers after having his nuts chopped off.


This is the view from my TV. That's closer to the real blue of the walls. Blue is my favorite color, and there will never be a day again that I will have a bedroom that is not blue.

So you guys can better imagine me in my condo, I have superimposed a picture of myself over this one to give you the idea. Here I am on The Workbench giving you my bedroom eyes and best come hither look:

You know you want it.

Oh my God I cannot stop laughing at that picture I just made. That is the worst thing I have ever seen.


Gordon said...

Dude, No movie or music posters?

Precious Moments figurines?
Flowderdy comforter?

I hearby ban you from John Christ winery for being guilty of the crime of adulthood.

Actually, it really looks nice, and I'm jealous b/c I just spent 17 bucks getting a frame for my Ferris Bueller poster.

Anonymous said...

OMG I am dying from that last pic. That will kill me all day.

Congrats on your awesome new home!

Matt said...

I completely agree on blue bedrooms...except my new one is green, but rocks. I'd paint most things blue if it were up to me.

Violet said...

I was reading your post thinking you're such a grown up till I saw the picture of you on the bed and then I remembered that you're not a grown up, you're just cool! : )

I just painted my bedroom blue, too, but it's super dark blue. It makes the room look smaller, but I like it!

Erik Holtan said...

I agree with Gordon, where are your Def Leppard, and Run DMC posters?
Man, I never knew you were so HOT!
Your "hair" is so flowing!
When you say condo is it just 1 room? Do you cook in that room as well! And when I say cook I mean food! Get those dirty thoughts out of your head! at least you didn't put a picture of a boyfriend in the bed also!
HAve a good day!

Tigerlily said...

The "workbench"?!!!!

that made me snort out loud, awesome, now i'm getting fired

russ said...

Your diet is going exceedingly well. Congrats!

PS From what it says in the bathroom stall, "The Workbench" has played host to some remarkably creative things you've done, aside from Tannenbaum creation.

Sarah said...

Gordo and Erik, I actually do have a Def Leppard poster circa 1980 that is not up yet. I can't decide where to put it. Maybe on my ceiling.

Russ, thanks for noticing that my diet is working. I am down to 3 ounces.

And yes, The Workbench is world-renowned.

ThatGirl7278 said...

I can ALWAYS count on you for a smile/laugh. Thanks Sarah.

LOVE the furniture btw!

Oh, that girl. said...

Beautiful room! Love it! Which closet holds all your freaky S&M shit? You know you like it like that....;-)

John said...

I'm actually responsible for the white splotch on the wall right below the blinds I hung as well.

Anonymous said...

now you know i love that you have a condo in which to entertain me...but in order to entertain men, you need to ditch the conservative comforter and get some leopard pattern or black satin or something equally harlet. i can take you shopping if you need, i'm something of an expert in these matters. (by expert, i mean, i've read books, i've never actually had a man in my bed...) -steph

Sarah said...

Yeah the comforter is way more girly than anything I've ever owned, but I thought it was so pretty plus I am old now.

Steph, you and I should not be giving others advice on getting men into bed otherwise there would actually BE men in our beds.

I do like how you refer to your room as Paradise, though, and then ask men if they want to visit paradise. Can't believe that hasn't worked more for you.

Carly said...

Your drawings are hysterical.

PS: Paint the damn cable cord blue, dummy.

slcup said...

With that lazy eye in your drawing, I'm really surprised you're not getting more guys. Hmm.

ORF said...

HAHA!! That picture kicks ASS!
And I totally know why you want the TV at a good vantage point, woman. Don't be's so you can see the porn good, right? And I bet the 'brator is stashed in the drawer just under the picture of your puppy...

Johnny Virgil said...

I got all excited when Steph said your condo was to entertain her. I don't even know her, but that was pretty hot. Then I realized that either she left the "n" off of "men" or she meant entertain you in a non-sexual manner.

So I'm going with the first one. Cool?