Monday, February 14, 2005

Meet Henry

Sorry I was M.I.A. this weekend. I was busy babysitting my dog. Well, actually, he's the family dog, and he lives with my parents. His name is Henry, and he is so sweet and smart and conveniently travel-sized. Plus he loves to cuddle, and that works out because if you remember I am currently looking to hire a cuddler. In addition to being awesome, he is-literally-the cutest dog in the entire world. Look-I know your dog is cute, too. I'm not denying that in any way or trying to downplay his or her cuteness. But seriously:

Some comments on the Grammy's:

1. I would totally have Nelly's baby.
2. Green Day rules.
3. Hearing "Sweet Home Alabama" makes me want to be a cowgirl.
4. Seeing Matthew McConnaughey makes me want to be a cowgirl.
5. If I saw a guy on the street in a tight, shiny, maroon shirt with sparkly flowers on the front with it unbuttoned halfway down to his belly button, I would laugh really hard, out loud, in his face. But when I see Tim McGraw in the same shirt, I want to rip it off him and do him right there in the street.
6. Is it just me or is Joan Rivers slowly starting to resemble her character from "Spaceballs"?


Tigerlily said...

Um, ditto and ditto on Tim McGraw and Matthew. The latter being a member of the "list".

Diane said...

Holy crap! You're right! Joan Rivers is a robot!

Matt said...

The Grammy's. Did like the Sweet Home Alabama. I played the guitar to it...only I was short an actual guitar. Joss Stone is great...BIG fan of her. I'm a little disappointed I fell asleep before my future wife, Norah Jones, got to sing. How'd it go?

Okapi said...

If her cheekbones get any tighter, she'll split if she smiles. Ewww.