Saturday, February 05, 2005

I have a drinking problem

Imagine my surprise when I came to this site today and saw that last night someone had desecrated my blog with a drunken, mostly unintelligible post. Then imagine that surprise slowly turning into realization as I remembered sitting down at the computer last night to write the greatest post ever, and then triumphantly signing off, confident I had completed what I set out to do. I'm so sorry, Internet. I was three sheets to the wind last night. It was a birthday party for Drew and Kevin, and I certainly enjoyed myself. Sorry to have been drinking and blogging. That is so irresponsible. If it's any consolation, my body hates me today. I have wine hangover headache, and it is seemingly incurable. Tonight I am back in old lady mode: in my pajamas at 9pm, eating ice cream, watching TV and reading my new Better Homes and Gardens. Loser!

Speaking of which, the Home and Garden show was at the IX Center today. For those of you who aren't from Cleveland, the IX Center is an absolutely ginormous warehouse where a lot of trade shows come each year (i.e., the car show, wedding shows, sports card shows, etc.). This weekend it's the Home and Garden show. I decided to go with my parents since I am about to be a new homeowner, and going to a Home and Garden show seems like something a homeowner would do. There are 40 aisles of booths and booths of vendors. Most of it is home or garden related. But a good portion of it is just people trying to sell you stuff that has nothing to do with owning a home, for example, crappy homemade jewelry and parrot food.

All in all, it was a lot of fun and really great hanging out with my parents. For those of you who are wondering, yes they did buy me dinner (and lunch). Here is what I learned today:

  • Mullet sightings are still funny
  • People will buy anything
  • I am not someone who feels the need to wear clothing emblazoned with images of the American flag to show my patriotism
  • Most wasteful use of windshield decals: featured in 8 inch letters on the windshield of an older model Honda Prelude: PRELUDE
  • Any amount of money is too much to spend on clothing for a ceramic goose


Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Don't apologize - you typed exactly how you must have been talking at that point - THAT is not easy to do. You must have some Irish in you, lass?

Sarah said...

As a matter of fact I do! And some German. Pretty much every heavily drinking culture.

Anonymous said...

Sarah.. its me from Oz again... and I truly believe that were were sisters in a previous live! OMG... we could be best friends if we were in the same town.. and mighty dangerous too! and.. TO BOOT!! im Irish!! (altho living in Perth WA).! I have written much worse than you did after a few (actually.. a lot) of bourbon.. my favourite late nite drink after my fill of wine... IM SOOOO SAD!!!!
Dont apologise... you made me feel very normal and like I had a friend in the world.. even if you live half a world away...
Again... BIG HUGS FROM OZ hehe

Okapi said...

I read it last night after coming back from the local boozer. Have to say, at the time it made perfect sense.

Sarah said...

To my friend in OZ - come visit me! From the sound of it we could be really dangerous if we go drinking together, and that could be really fun. Plus you could help me write an even better drunk post! :)