Tuesday, February 01, 2005

28 year old child

Um...so I am 28 years old, and my mom has to call my mortgage guy because I don't understand what's going on, and apparently I am not asking him the right questions or something. When I talk to him I totally get it, but when I talk to my mom, and she says, "Well what about so and so? Did you ask him about that?" I'm like, "What? No-you didn't tell me to ask him that. What does that even mean?" So right now she is calling him. I could not be more helpless. I'm actually worried about one day being a mother because my kids will learn nothing from me except how to call my parents and ask them to do everything.

Please, Internet, help me become more self-sufficient. I don't want to be one of those women who can't take care of themselves. See-I am even asking for your help to help me learn to help myself. Also while you guys are helping me become self-sufficient, can you make me dinner and teach me how to tell if my pilot light is off? That would be great. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Diane: Yesterday I had to call mom (fyi other readers, we have the same mom) to ask her where they kept the little weiners in the grocery store (best superbowl sunday appetizer you guys). I walked around the damn place looking for them and refused to call, knowing she knows exactly where they are. Well, after about 2 minutes of looking (long time) I gave up and called. As expected, she told me exactly where they were and also gave me Applebees carry out number so I can get myself some dinner. So don't feel bad...I am pathetic as well but this further proves that she is the greatest mom ever!

sara said...

and reason # 3...

this morning i took my car in b/c it's making this scary whining nose and not only did i make my big bro come with me. i also made him do all of the talking. then when i went to get my loaner car they needed my insurance and well, let's just say i didn't have it so i had to use his (and call mom & dad to send me a new one).

just be glad you aren't dependent on your parents AND your siblings.

peace and chicken grease