Monday, February 14, 2005

My Valentine's Day didn't suck!

I'm going to attempt to keep my Bachelorette comments brief and just say this: Jen, you're a moron. I can no longer support you in your endeavor to find true love in 4 weeks on a reality television show. Any man who was sweet and genuine has been dealt with swiftly and severely by you until all that is left is a two named, non-sock-wearing Don Johnson wannabe and a monotone, humorless reality-television-star-obsessed snoozefest. After you kicked Ryan off tonight, Diane turned to me and said, "She is going to be alone forever." I love you, Jen, but you need to work on your screening process. Seriously.

With that out of the way, I would just like to thank Diane, Steph, Jace, Christy and Gordo for dragging me out to the bar tonight to have a drink. It made this day so much easier for me, and next year I will be able to say, "Last Valentine's Day was fun." I will also be able to say, "Jace punched me in my no-no spot like 12 times." and "I think I can still see Steph's assprint on the front window." and "Did Christy ever get charged with sexually assaulting that barstool?" I love you guys.

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Anonymous said...

Steph: was the BEST valentine's day fact, i'm going to submit my resignation from the office job today and take on a new vocation as a go-go dancer, b/c obviously based on the assprints i have talent. And after watching your Pieces of Me dance intrepretation, you may want to join me...