Friday, October 14, 2005

After I post this I'm gonna go fall asleep in the handicap bathroom stall

So I decided that since this is the first weekend in a long time that I really didn't have any plans, I wasn't going to drink at all. That is very responsible and shouldn't be something that's out of the ordinary since I am 28, but let's just forget about that. I guess what I meant by not drinking over the weekend was that I would go out on Thursday to two different happy hours and get smashed out of my gourd and then tell John, Scott, Chris and Julia a lot of personal information that I'm sure they really didn't want to know. Seriously I think we all learned a lot about each other last night-more than any of us ever thought we'd know about each other. Yikes.

Also I went to bed with hiccups and woke up with hiccups.

I am so effing tired. Can someone ask my boss if I can go home? That would be great. Thanks.

P.S. I need your help. Do I like Franz Ferdinand's new song "Do You Want To"? I can't decide. Sometimes I'm like this song totally sucks. Then other times it makes me want to dance around my room. What do you guys think?


Oh, that girl. said...

Dear Sarah's Boss,

Please excuse Sarah from work today. She will need to leave immediately for an urgent appointment with the Love Doctor.


The Love Doctor

russ said...

The M.I.A. song referenced here rocks my world (ok, it runs a little long, but the first 3/4 is aursome).

I'll go blow my last iTunes free credit on this song you reference, and get back to you on whether you like it or not.

russ said...

oops, by "here" I meant here.

russ said...

I know that song. You like it, fer sure. Other things in that vein to like are the Futureheads and Hot Hot Heat.

-jess said...

Hooray for Hot Hot Heat... but only because of the song "Bandages." But Franz Ferdinand seems like they are trying too hard to me... I can't really get into it. Sorry.

Sarah said...

Hey how'd you get free iTunes credit? I'm so mad because I have like 20 million of those damn Pepsi caps where you get a free song, but I don't think they accept them anymore. :( I'll listen to your song and report back.

Min Pin, thank you!!

russ said...

There's a link on that page to allow yourself to be hassled by the Army Nat'l Guard, and they give you three free iTunes credits. I think i got something in the mail and got a phone call from them. They were just fine when I told them I only signed up for the free music. That could have something to do with me being and out-of-shape guy over 30 with bad knees who they prolly don't want in the army anyway.

BTW, it appears those Kaiser Chiefs are similar to the Futureheads, one of a host of nu-80s music out there. But the important thing is the M.I.A. cover, regardless of how good they are on their own.

Tigerlily said...

Dear Sarah's Boss,
Please excuse Sarah from work today as she has suffered from a case of the dumbass poison. Typically this condition is mild and only lasts for a period of about 24 hours. You can expect her to return to work as usual on Monday, unless she is bitten by a spider, the vodka spider, indigenous to this region.

Dr. McKissmearse

p.s. MinPin, we may have to do it, if that is KAREN WALKER as your image!

Mindia said...

The song is good. The video is not. Do not watch the video while listening to the song; it will ruin your musical experience.

Oh, that girl. said...


Honey!Of course it is! I am only her biggest fan/impersonator! Glad to see you recognize her said...

I was about to say something about sleeping in the handicap stall at work ... but that would take away from the magic of me posting about it on my blog :)