Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hardhitting interview

I was recently interviewed for a publication. Okay it's Adam's blog, but still. It's my first interview ever so I'm counting it. Check it out. He calls me an American Legend. Did I mention that I heart Adam?


Anonymous said...

Since Adam doesn't allow anonymous commenters and I'm very busy and important with no time to blog (riiiight...), I'm leaving my comment for Adam here. Adam, you are the next Barbara Walters (do you get the View in Australia and understand my reference?)...best interview questions i ever read...Sarah you were okayish too, i guess... -Steph

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that us Okay Seriously readers will soon be referred to as your groupies? I mean, you were interviewed.

I always knew you'd make it big!!!

Oh, that girl. said...

Your blog makes me horny.

ORF said...

Sarah, I too experience that theory of yours about greeting cards, etc. Mine also includes bookstores and libraries. SO WEIRD!!

BEVIS said...

Excuse me, ... Sarah, is it?

Well done on that interview. I don't know you, and you probably don't want to know me, but you're very funny and Adam's totally looking to score.

I just thought you should know.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Thanks Steph. I might just be the first ever ever interviewer in the history of the whole wide world to get that kind of serious praise. Even the rough as guts interviewers have been scared to tackle Sarah and ask the hard questions.

I don't know what The View is, but I've heard of Barbara Walters and I imagine she does the same quality interviews as Joan Rivers and her daughter.


Looking to score? But I don't even play football.

Amy said...

I have a new wacky church sign:
"Non-exposure to the Son will cause burning."

Mon said...

you're way famous!

ThatGirl7278 said...

Eh, it was okay. I guess.

danielle said...

hey, can you please apply your famous powers and get us to win the lottery already dammit? GAWWWW.

BEVIS said...

Adam, if you don't even play football, why were you telling me before that you're looking forward to tackling Sarah in the end-zone? Or whatever it was? Maybe you said something about dribbling and getting a hole in one, so perhaps I have the wrong sport. Maybe it was shuttlecock? I seem to recall you mentioning 'foul balls' and not 'striking out', at any rate.

Adam said...

Sorry dude, my hardcore interviewer lingo has clearly confused you.

When I said "I'm going to give her a good going over", I was talking about the deep of the questions.
Sorry, I thought that was clear.

When I said I was going to "slip her a length" I meant that I was going to research the finer details of the Sarah story.
When I said "I'm going to interview her, then make out and then seduce her with the dulcet tones of sweet, sweet lurve" I meant that I was going to ask intelligent, topical and politically correct questions.