Monday, October 03, 2005

My weekend

Friday we went to a very expensive restaurant for Meg's birthday. I had a $30 steak and got creeped out by the waiters, but the sangria was flowing, the steak was awesome, there was a guy with the same hairstyle as Diane and Steph did the sprinkler inside the fancy restaurant for all to see. We went back to Meg's apartment and drank wine, sang and watched the Indians almost win and then lose to the GODDAMN MOTHEREFFING WHITE SOX. Then I was unexpectedly sidelined by a massive migraine and had to leave.

Saturday after we almost won then lost football, I sealed my deck. How very homeownerish of me! For anyone wondering, sealing your deck is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Stand out on your driveway for two hours waiting for the cable guy while your mom seals your deck.

Voila! Your deck is now protected from the elements! By the way, to my cable/internet company: I'm watching you. Sleep with one eye open. Seriously.

Saturday night we went to Danielle's new house where she has approximately 17 rooms and 3 chairs spread throughout all of them. It was a good time, though, as I drank wine and listened to her XM radio and then her iPod Nano. Oh that reminds me-can someone buy me an iPod Nano? That would be great. Thanks.

Today I did a whole lot of nothing. Then my parents came over and my mom made us lasagna, and I died and went to heaven. Seriously her lasagna is the best ON THE ENTIRE PLANET so don't even act like your mom's is better because it's not. I will fight you.

I will leave you with two things.

1 - I have decided I will be taking Dane Cook as my lawfully wedded husband. We will be together forever and have lots and lots of babies. We are in love.

2 - Here is a picture of my Henry getting ready to lick my face off:


Oh, that girl. said...

I just got the Nano and Love Nano Nano boo boo

Oh, that girl. said...

Just saw your pic on another blog. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Smooches from the pooches (and me too!)

Networkchic said...

Damn Henry's cute. Thanks for the deck sealing tip.

Sarah said...

Min Pin, in your first comment I hated you. In the second, I loved you. You're crazy-those pics are terrible! But thank you. You made me very happy, and I kind of want to make out with you.

Networkchic, seriously he is so cute. I wish you guys could see him in person. Deck sealing is really easy when someone else does it for you. That's my tip for everything difficult that you want to get done around your house.

Courtney said...

I love your posts, but I'm having a hard time picturing Dane Cook marrying you! When I close my eyes and imagine his wedding photos, it's me he's standing next to. When you say "we're in love," is that your way of breaking up with me on his behalf? :)

John said...

I saw your picture on another blog. You are beautiful.

-Kami- said...

Sweeeeeeeeet! I love "Lost"... I missed the first season, but then caught most of it on the reruns. Now this season is totally effin' me up. I'm in shambles after each episode. My husband refused to watch at first because he doesn't like all the flashbacks, but now he's glued to the TV every Wednesday. I still want to know what that weird "smoke security" creature is!!!! Anyway, I got carried away, but it's great to see someone love Lost as much as I do!!!!

Adam said...

Hey Sarah (and/or anyone good), I've just realised I have no plans on Sunday, do you want to come around and watch Point Break. I was going to propose marriage but now that you've found Dane Cook, watching DVDs is the next best thing.

Just rock up, no need to call first.

Oh, that girl. said...

Sara, When Where and how hard baby?

ORF said...

Umm...what is that hand thing that everyone and Dane seem to be doing?