Monday, October 31, 2005

It's a dead man's party, leave your body at the door

Oh my God, you guys, I totally saw Don Johnson this weekend. Well it was actually Jace dressed up as Don Johnson, but I'm counting it. It was Halloween party extravaganza weekend. Friday was the annual party at my sister's place/my old place. It was the 4th (maybe 5th) and final one. The girls will be moving out in June so we wanted to have one last hurrah. Diane and I dressed up as G.I. Hos. That means camouflage jackets, black miniskirts, fishnets, hooker boots and machine guns. I made us arm bands to help others in identifying who we were:

Original G.I. Joe logo:

My G.I. Ho logo:

I just want to say that I am awesome. I also want to say that it is never, ever good when the day after a party one of the following things is said to you:

1. Hey…and how are you feeling?
2. I can't believe you're up.
3. Did you puke?
4. You won the most hammered award. By a landslide.
5. I've never seen you like that.
6. Someone who was deaf and blind would never have known you were drunk.
7. Do you remember telling someone to take a picture up your skirt?

All of these things were said to me. Several times. By a plethora of people. In my defense, most of Friday was a blur to me so in my mind, I was not that bad. However, I have been having a few flashbacks such as telling Kim I was a pole and letting her dance all over me. Really, though, I think that's more embarrassing for Kim. Yeah so basically I am pleading innocence, and everyone who saw me can just shut their mouth and not tell any stories about me. Thanks.

Saturday was ALoyd's party. Diane, Kim and I went as the Charlie's Angels*. And not the new ones-the old school REAL Charlie's Angels. Diane was Farrah Fawcett. Kim was Jaclyn Smith. And I was "the smart one who never got any action"-Kate Jackson. This kind of mirrors real life except for the part about being smart. Strangely enough, I was not the drunkest person at the party. And despite that I still got to see Woody's light saber. If Bob is reading this I just want to say that your costume is still grossing me out 24 hours later. Well done.

Pictures to come.

*For anyone considering wearing polyester pants for whatever reason I should tell you that a) they trap heat like a bitch (and apparently cold according to my friend Steve who relayed to me a sweet little story about shrinkage) and b) they itch like a mother.


Violet said...

I can't wait for the pictures!

BEVIS said...

Are you including the ones up your skirt when you say that?

Adam said...

I learn so much reading this blog. So. Very. Much.

Rebecca said...

You met Don Johnson? Cool! I met a guy at the bar I was at that said he was a gynocologist. At least he was wearing a medical coat that said he was. Hmmm...

John said...

I have pictures. I should probably post them because Sarah will never post the ones anyone who reads this blog would actually care to see.

John said...

oh I was the one she asked to take the picture up her skirt.

-jess said...

HA HA HA! Pictures up your skirt... that is too funny.

BEVIS said...

You've been tagged.

Weary Hag said...

Well it sure sounds like you had a kick ass time at this party! I love your little list of things you don't want to hear "the day after." Excellent ...

Unfortunate that you heard them all, still ... great list.

First time visitor and here via Courtney.