Thursday, September 29, 2005


This week I know 2 people who got engaged (not to each other), 1 who got married and 1 who found out she is pregnant. All these life events happening around me got me thinking about what I accomplished this week:

- Sucked at football
- Bought "The Muppet Show: Season 1" on DVD
- Allergy shots
- Came in late to work every day
- Saw the Indians lose
- Accidentally stabbed myself in the eye
- Stuffed myself with stir fry from Mongolian BBQ
- Sucked at volleyball
- Accidentally scratched my forehead
- Made fun of Diane
- Wished harm on every single person on the road
- Wore grandma shoes to work (today)
- Got up on a rolling desk chair to inspect my bathroom fan because of a "scary noise" and almost immediately fell to the ground because the chair rolled out from underneath me

In addition to all of this I had not one but two migraines. Who's list is longer? No-good luck with your marriages and babies I'm just saying it sounds like that's all you can handle at one time. Some of us are just better multitaskers I guess.

P.S. Holy crap, "Lost". Look when I watch the show I am already at extremely high stress levels, okay? There was absolutely no need to throw the shark in there. Are you trying to kill me?


Brown Eyed Girl said...

love, love, love your site. Think I might swing into town to see a few baseball games this weekend - can you recommend any restaurants / bars that I should check out? Always check with the trendy people...

Networkchic said...

The shark was the tame about when he's diggin' around in that arm for a bullet. Come on a wuss.

Oh, that girl. said...

I just have to say that I didn't break down into sobs at work this week, so I am doing pretty damn good! far...

Johnny Virgil said...

sure...way to ruin my Tivo's LOST episode that I haven't watched yet...

Flan in Dagstaff said...

Brown-eyed girl: I recently left Cleveburg after being there all my life. If you want an eclectic but noisy crowd, try Garage Bar on W. 25th... easy driving distance to the ballpark or a long but do-able walk. Restaurants? Where do I begin? Pricey and totally worth it: Three Birds in Lakewood, about 15 mins from downtown. Downtown/Tremont and cheap but good: try Lava Lounge just off W. 14th.

Anonymous said...

if you are still looking for good bars, I have heard of this place called the Lakewood Village Tavern (LVT for short). I hear it is a great place to go, hang out, get smashed, play Cruisin Exotica and bar bowling and totally take over the juke box. Sometimes, I have heard that some guy named Jace will bury his head in your fun you know of this guy Sarah?

Sarah said...

Brown eyed girl, I love the Chop House Brewery. Their mashed potatoes are amazing. Tonight we are going to Mallorca which I've heard is awesome so I'll let you know. D'Vine is a wine bar that I enjoy and frequently get completely smashed out of my mind at. Blind Pig is fun, too, and has been home to a lot of unnecessary and awkward dancing by me. Also I like Rockbottom Brewery in the flats.

Networkchic, yeah that was so gross. I like how he acts likes it's totally normal. I'll just dig this bullet out of my arm and scream a little bit.

Min Pin, what? Crying? What?

JV, you are fine. Shark sightings must be reported on at once.

Flan, Three Birds - nice call.

Anon, WHAT!? I have never heard of such a thing nor have I been witness to it or-God forbid-been on the receiving end of Jace's face in my chest. I'm shocked-SHOCKED! to hear of this type of behavior. Um...please delete the pictures off of Drew's phone. Thanks.

Scott said...

Man, what I wouldn't give to be eating Mongolian stir-fry while watching Season 1 of the Mupper Show

babyjewels said...

The more I watch lost, the less I understand. But I'm addicted anyhow.