Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Holy crap "Lost" is on tonight

- "Lost" starts tonight, and I am so excited I can barely concentrate on work. Who are The Others? Where is Walt and why did they take him??? Holy shit WHAT IS DOWN THE HATCH???? I cannot deal with this.

- This weekend we won our football game even though the other team was really mean. I totally got elbowed/forearmed in the head and fell over like a ton of bricks. You know how some sports injuries make you hotter to the opposite sex? Yeah not this one. This one was just a disaster as I laid in the mud and held my head whimpering. Somehow I also landed on my cleat, and I have a humongous bruise on the side of my knee. Don't tell my dad okay. He doesn't want me to be playing football.
Other injuries incurred on Saturday:
Bob - pulled hamstring. Bob caught a pass and was running down the field then someone pushed him hard out of bounds. It was raining so his leg slipped, and he pulled his hamstring. Highlight of this injury: right before he got hurt as he was running, his pants fell down. Runner up highlight of this injury: while Bob was down on the ground Drew said, "Oh my God-he's leaking gravy!!"
Steph - bruised browbone. Steph caught an elbow to her eye. Highlight of this injury: it happened after the football game at the bar.

- Lately I have been taking crap for not updating the blog every 3 minutes. The thing is, the people complaining are people who know me and people who I see at least once a week-usually much more than that. What is the deal, people? When we are out together no one is this interested in hearing what I have to say.

- There is a church near my house that I pass on my way home from work everyday. They always have these crazy sayings on their light up billboard so I've decided to start a regular feature here on Okay Seriously. I will call it: Crazy Church Billboard Sayings. I proudly present the first installment of Crazy Church Billboard Sayings with this gem:



Amy said...

I saw two signs last week.

"Sign broken--come inside for message." Cute.


"The world is coming to an end--come inside for an escape plan."
What?! What freak put that up?!

Anonymous said...

KNEEMAIL!!!! Ahahaha

Anonymous said...

(I was laughing because it's so bad).

matt said...

Hey, I haven't seen you in two weeks. Entertain my NOW damn it! Have fun with Lost tonight. I'm pretty pumped for it myself.

Anonymous said...

I want you to post something every 3 minutes so I know what's going on with you and I don't see you everyday. I still can't believe you play football.


Tigerlily said...

effing kneemail, I can't take it.
My friends are the same way with updating. I have gotten threatening emails before, yet I have to issue them a newsletter FIRST if I am going to publish something they don't know yet. ex> when the ex called, they were PISED when they found out about it through my blog.

-jess said...

oh my god. Churches make the lamest jokes ever.

amy said...

On my way back from lunch, the sign read:

"Under same management for 2000 years."

Sarah said...

Amy, awesome. You are totally part of my Crazy Church Billboard Sayings feature.

babyjewels said...

I'm pissed I'm going to miss martha's new show tonight to go to a board meeting where people will most likely yell at me. And I love lost, too.

Kneemail - that sounds dirty.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

You want to know what's down the hatch? Well they ain't revealing that until the 3rd episode.


I'm still going to watch. They had me at the scene where the guy got sucked into the jet engine on the beach.

Anonymous said...

Ok Sarah, random anonymous guy here who said, way back in like March or something, that he understood how you felt about losing B and that I grew up in your hometown. Given the ever increasing popularity of your blog, to the point I expect it to be highlighted on CNN or something, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. ANYHOW - I got my ass up and out of Cleveland, and now live about 1800 miles southwest. Life has been busy, but one of the things I was most adamant (what the hell ever that word is) about doing, was catching up on your blog. It took me a half hour b/c I've been gone since mid-Aug, but holy shit! Is it possible for someone to actually become FUNNIER as time goes by? JEEZUS-H! You really need to quit whatever corporate/banking/asskissing job you have and go work for Conan or Chappelle or John Stewart or something. You're so funny I love you. Really. In a not-at-all-creepy-internet kind of way. Anyhow, thanks for reminding me of so many cool Cleveland things (sincerely), and of some not so cool (e.g. drunken Brown's fans, which is why I am not a fan - ok, lynch me now). Glad your condo is coming along and that you had closure with B and the apt. You ROCK!

Sarah said...

Yay! Anonymous guy from the 'Ville! You always say such nice things to me. Thank you!! I love you, too. And I totally mean that in a creepy way.

You didn't leave Cleveland because of me, did you? Actually it's okay if you did because I am allowed to drive away 1 male from Cleveland a year. My quota for 2005 is now filled.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon- you need to get paid for being funny. You're that good.