Thursday, January 18, 2007

I actually wish I did not have a neck or ears right now

So yeah-I'm still alive. But barely. I got blindsided by illness on Monday. Everything from my neck up is infected. Here is an artistic rendering of how I feel:

Truth be told that's a rendering of how I feel emotionally. In order for me to post a rendering of how I feel physically, an NC-17 rating is required for graphic violence. I'm a little better today, but it feels like cats have been using my throat as a scratching post.

Things I did while I was sick:

1. Moaned and whined and called my mom crying while saying, "I need my mommy." (I'm not kidding. I really did this. She'll tell you.)

2. Caught up on "24". My comments:
- This show is effing incredible except I'm getting a little sick of killing off main characters for shock value. It's growing tiresome.
- The ending of Monday night's episode made me almost poop my pants.
- Jack Bauer is so a part of my vocabulary and of pop culture that on the show when he calls someone and says, "My name is Jack Bauer" and the person hasn't heard of him, I am literally in utter disbelief. Um hello-he's JACK BAUER!!! Then I remember that on the show he's supposed to be in covert ops and nobody is supposed to know who he is except for people in our government.
- I would have sex with Jack Bauer for 24 hours straight. So would all my guy friends. That's not a joke.

3. Watched the Golden Glo-zzzzzz. Oh sorry. Even mentioning it again made me so bored I fell asleep. What a snoozefest. And don't even get me started on how Leo didn't win for "The Departed". That is just...that's a sin. That's what that is. If he doesn't win an Oscar, someone's going to get a nasty letter from Okay Seriously.

4. Watched "30 Rock" on DVR which is a show that I feel just keeps getting better. Here's an example. Tracy (Tracy Morgan) wants to thank Jack (Alec Baldwin) for helping him to earn some extra money:

Tracy: I'm gonna make you a mix tape. You like Phil Collins?
Jack: I have two ears and a heart, don't I?


5. Watched Demetri Martin's Comedy Central stand up special on DVR. Let me tell you something. If you like yourself at all, you will find a way to watch this. I just looked it up, and it will be on Comedy Central again on 1/29 at 10pm and 1/30 at midnight. You're welcome.


Karen said...

Long time lurker, first time poster. :) Hope you're feeling better soon. Don't feel bad about the mommy thing. I'm quite a bit longer in the tooth than you and have been known to do that as well.

I totally agree with you about 30 Rock. I started watching it for the Alec Baldwin, but think the show is getting stronger every week. Also, thanks for the Demetri Martin tip. :)

slcup said...

I say this with love: you get sick a lot. Maybe a vitamin or two?

Leo not winning is a serious crime. Who even saw that movie with Forest "Wonky Eye" Whitaker? Not this girl.

CruiserMel said...

I can sympathize with your feeling icky. Been there, done that. Took me 12 days before I wised-up and went to the doctor. It felt sort of silly to be there for a "cold" but I was going crazy with the blowing and coughing. Turns out - sinus and ear infection. Keep an eye on it. (wait, that almost sounded kinda gross) Get better soon.

Thanks for the heads-up on Demetri Martin. Never heard of him before yesterday. Will check it out for sure.

Sarah said...

SLCUP, oh if it were that simple. I take vitamins every day. I am just a sickly person. It almost all originates from my allergy problems, and this time is no exception. Goddammit, immune system, why hast thou failed me so?

Torrence said...

I concur on Demetri Martin, that em-effer is hilarious.

danielle said...

demetri will be mine one day.

favorite 30 rock alec funny from recently upon answering tina's query of why he was wearing a tux at work - "it's after 6. what am i, a farmer?"

Johnny Virgil said...

Jack Bauer will be mine one day.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I first saw Demetri on The Daily Show - he makes me laugh like a mo fo.