Tuesday, January 09, 2007

John says BCS = Bull Crap System

Oh my God I am so excited for the BCS Championship game tonight! Wait...it was last night? Did anyone tell the Buckeyes? Because I don't think they showed up. Holy crap, Buckeyes. What the hell happened? All I know is I do not want to see Steph until she has calmed down. You know, in like 20 years.


Sgt said...

Maybe if they didn't have almost 2 months from their last game, they might have been a little sharper.

It was about as interesting as the Sugar Bowl.

Blazer1234 said...

Yeah, my husband is still crying over that one. And my brother-in-law...well, I'm not going around him until his Birthday in March. That's when March Madness starts, and hopefully he will have forgotten all about the beat-down.

Beth said...

Ha! They lost! My sons and I are big Michigan fans and my husband loves the Buckeyes...they just dropped the ball so to speak. Horrible game...and how do you, for the love of god, sprain your foot celebrating your touchdown?!?! That was just toooo much.

My neice's name is Steph and she loves the buckeyes too!