Friday, January 12, 2007

NBC's Thursday night line up is totally Must See TV again

Can I just say that I have no idea why my friends keep asking me to be on their volleyball team or why they want to be seen with me in public at all. We had our second game tonight.

1-I just plain suck. I never know which way to put my hands so I end up punching the ball with all my might and it goes directly left or directly right.

2 - Instead of making any effort to get to a ball that's outside of about a 15 inch radius around me I just kick at it (actually tonight this worked twice and last week it worked once-I am awesome).

3 - As we were starting one of our matches, I was telling Renee from across the court that I think the hair on my right side is shorter than the hair on my left side then I realized it was quiet and the ref was staring at me and everyone was waiting for me to be done talking about my asymmetrical hair so we could actually play volleyball.

4 - When we were on our 5th and last game (seriously-5 games. Every week.) and we had lost the previous 4, I decided to use an intimidation technique wherein I tucked my shirt underneath my sports bra. Not my entire shirt-just the portion right by my bra. I tried to draw a picture with disastrous consequences so just do this: with both hands grab your boobs (woman or man boobs-doesn't matter) with your fingertips facing in toward the middle of your chest (your fingers will be perpendicular with your body). Now, where your pinky fingers are, imagine tucking the fabric all across that line up under your bra (or Bro). That is what I did. And that is how I played volleyball. Suz was mortified. I saw her trying to actually will her body to get shorter so she could become part of the floor, and then no one would think she actually knew me. Not only that, but I started the game by serving so I was on display. And I yelled, "You guys ready for some vball or what!!??" And I hopped right before I served. I hopped a lot, you guys. P.S. I hope someone, for example your boss, walked in on you when you had your hands on your boobs.

I've asked this a million times, and I'll ask it again: why are people friends with me?

Quick recap of our Thursday shows:

The Office: First of all, Michael's little computer friend, Harvey, was awesome. I can't believe he put post it note eyes and a wind up mouth on it. At the end of the scene when he made it say "boobs" I pissed myself. Man, I've said the word "boobs" a lot in this post. That should bring in some pervys, huh?

Also, I cannot deal with Andy. He is so effing funny. When he picked Michael as his sales partner, and said, "Michael Scott P.H.D. Dr. of Sales." I was like, "Oh my God-NEVER leave me, Andy!!"

Other highlights:
- Jim slapping Dwight
- Phyllis and the beauty parlor. I love Phyllis!
- Andy's Oompa Loompa song. Holy crap. Ho. Ly. Crap
- Dwight listening to "Kickstart my Heart" to pump himself up
- Fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice, strike three.

I need to see how this Dwight thing is going to pan out. I have a feeling it's going to be awesome. Especially with Angela and Andy. Oh man-she is pissed. Fantastic.

Grey's Anatomy: Man, I missed this show. I'm really going to need Patrick Dempsey to watch me while I sleep, thanks. He is so hot. I'm also going to need Izzie to stop being such an effing basketcase about the money Denny left her. Aw, I'm so sad, my fiance of 5 minutes left me 8 million dollars, and I can't cash it because...because why? I DON'T KNOW. That storyline was lame. I'm sorry, but it was. I understand she's sad. But come on. Lame.

George is absolutely blowing me away. I guess it's not really George-it's T.R. Knight. He is an incredible actor. Every time he was on the screen tonight I was close to tears-except for when he was freaking out about seeing his dad after surgery and Meredith went out into the hallway and told him to breathe and he grabbed her arm and was shaking. I wasn't close to tears then-I was bawling like an effing baby. Oh my God they're going to kill off his dad, aren't they? I don't think I can take it. By the way, that moment with Callie and George when they were excited about his dad's pee was so precious and lovely. I rewound it to watch it again.

HolycrapAlexandAddison! So awesome. I know not everyone is behind this, but I totally am. They are both beautiful, and they love babies. Honestly I was MELTING when he was stroking that baby's head looking all worried about her. Then when he said the reason he purposely pissed off McSteamy was solely because he was rude to Addison? Hi, swoooon. I know Addy's a little bit of a slut, but I say good for her. If she's able to get every hot guy within the Seattle area then she should go for it.

Scrubs: Best line: JD wants to watch Elliott's TV, but she doesn't want him to so Keith walks out and is wearing his high school wrestling outfit, prepared to fight JD if he tries to turn it on:

JD: Nice singlet. Does it come in hetero?

God I love that show.


russ said...

My favorite Office moment was when Tim turns around and sees Karen's makeover... freeze frame that facial expression, it's classic.

Also, when Andy calls Dwight a douche, making him that much more like Prnuty.

John said...

Is there a new guy on the Office named Tim? Or is Russ just a douche who can't spell?

Torrence said...

Our office highlight is almost identical, get out of my head. Still think the best part was Kickstart My Heart. Jim and Dwight actually make a good team, scary.

Hugh Janus said...

Your t-shirt tucking description sounded like The Todd. "(your fingers will be perpendicular with your body)" There's a good The Todd comeback in there.

Other Scrubs faves were:
When Turk and Carla were first discussing her post partum depression and she had lactated through her shirt. They got all hyped up about how the Turks could handle anything and Turk said "Give me a hug...You know what? Could you change first because I don't want to get boobie juice on my new t-shirt."

And then later when Turk was filming and Carla held up the picture of Turk when he had tried to grow his hair and it was all intermittently tufty and bald. Such little things like that are gold.

Everyone is right on in The Office moments. Jim smacking Dwight, HARD, was great. And Andy with his throwing the word douche into his Oompa Loompa song.

My fave was Michael mistyping at the beginning. And the Pam/Jim interaction as a result. "Me love you long tim...Me lobe yoy long time."
Finally he types and the computer says "Get out of my offive."

slcup said...

I'm glad you're feeling that way too about Izzie. Get over it already! Lame story line. Whatever happened to her having given up a baby for adoption? Let's explore that some more. I cried to at George's "He's my Dad."

russ said...

I actually get confused with the original BBC office where the rumpled, understated hero was Tim.

I think one thing the American Office does way better than the original is make these people actually ok at doing work -- previously it was just Michael being a weirdo then getting a Staples contract or making a big sale to local government -- this episode they turned what we thought was bizarre and inappropriate Dwight behavior into a really good sales call. It's really genius to delve into characters that much.

Most office-workspaces-as-sitcom-setting don't show much real work. If there are work tasks at all it's just to drive plot interactions. But here we see Stanley and Phyllis and even Dwight hold their own as more than just charicatures. Cool.

Anonymous said...

You know what stinks about thursday nights? All of the following shows are on at roughly the same time:

Smallville (8-9)
Ugly Betty (8-9)
The Office (8:30-9:00)
Scrubs (9:00-9:30)
Grey's Anatomy (9:00-10:00)

Even with a tivo/dvr you cannot watch all of these programs. These are 5 of the 7 shows that I watch. Anybody else having this problem or have a solution?

Sgt said...

@anonymous: Well, you can buy episodes of Scrubs (or a season pass), so that knocks 1 off. I believe DVRs can record 2 and watch 1, but its been a while since I've used mine. Guess your stuck choosing the last one (or if your super geeky, you use your kids computer which has a TV card and can record)

This is all theory of course some side effects may occur. Use only as directed. Consult your physician before using. If you get an errection lasting more than 4 hours, call your friends and brag.

Sgt said...

I forgot to say: You can buy episodes of Scrubs through iTunes.

Anonymous said...

My favorite scene of The Office last night was when Dwight got in the back seat of Jim's car (because it's safer) and Jim hit the brake so hard that Dwight hit his face against Jim's seat. Bobble-head style. That was effin hilarious!

Sarah said...

Anon, I am in a similar predicament. I love Supernatural, and that is one more show at 9pm than my DVR can handle. So I went old school: VCR in my bedroom. I know it's primitive, but it gets the job done.

CruiserMel said...

What a day - I couldn't read your blog until now, cuz I knew you'd have a recap and I hadn't seen it yet. I had to rely on my dvr last night to record Grey's and just finished watching it today. I sewanee, I missed you, Grey's. If I could hug ya, I would, but my dog would think strange things about me, again. Either way, I am so falling for the George & Callie storyline. And Alex & Addison. That look between them was super hot, huh? And Izzie? Meh. I used to like ya, but enough already.

AG said...

I am very annoyed with Jim and his "I just had a crush on Pam and told her it was no big deal." Then he smiled. It looked sincere. Is he REALLY over Pam?!

Johnny Virgil said...

we are friends with you because you are obviously awesome.

Blazer1234 said...

I think my friends would pay me not to play volleyball with them. You're lucky to have friends that think you have talent.

And the Office...I LOVE that show. I wish it was an hour long. It makes me laugh with tears every week. Boobs.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

At the end of the Office it seemed like Angela was glaring at Andy for causing the demise of Dwight - made me wonder if Andy will be going for a swim in the chocolate river after all. I hope not, I like him on the show.

Jay said...

Anon. . . most of the network programs--especially on ABC--allow you to go to thier website and watch episodes via streaming. If you have a decent connection, you're set. Hope that helps.

Mon said...

I was so pissed off when they didn't kiss!!now that mcdreamy is with meredith they have to torture us in other ways!