Friday, January 26, 2007

Post-Grey's report (spoilers)

Sorry for the delayed Grey's posting. Here is the most concise way I can describe my reaction to the ending of the episode: I shat my pants.

Holy cripes, people. This show owns me. First of all, the race for the chief position is fantasmic. I am loving that all these people are fighting for it, and that Richard's all like, "You guys all kind of suck." I completely panicked when McSteamy said he was leaving. I mean like PANICKED. Then, thankfully, he changed his mind. What is it about that man, you guys? When they close up on him, and he's staring at someone like Meredith or Addison-I can actually FEEL the intensity through the television. I'm 100% positive that if he was staring at me in real life, I would giggle and blush and lift my dress over my head. That's how he makes me feel. Just all tingly and funny in the pants. God damn, McSteamy. You are my density.

What about Alex totally dissing Addy!? That was amazing. I was laughing my ass off. I didn't see it coming since he's such a man whore and really takes it wherever he can get it, but I loved the twist. It brings more to his character, and Addy's face was hilarious. You could tell she was like, "WTF? Everyone wants me. What is this about?" Awesome. Although I have to say, if I was in a closet with Alex, there's no way I would not at least be trying to take his pants off. Sorry, Daddy, but it's true. Have you seen him?

Okay did anyone else cry like a baby when that Amish girl's best friend told her to go home with her parents even though she knew that meant they could never talk again or see each other or even go to her funeral? OHMIGOD. I was a mess. And then when the mom broke the rule and talked to the friend even though she was shunned. It was so amazing. Yeah-I can't watch Grey's anymore without a box of Kleenex right next to me. Oh but real quick-it was weird when they were examing that girl and she pointed to George and was like, "Hey that guy didn't get to see my business. He should come down and check out my area so he can learn." Wha??? No. No you don't volunteer that, darlin'. You just don't.

Speaking of George, that moment when Izzie hugged him and said those nice things and then went to go away, but he pulled her back to him? Holy crap. How beautiful was that. I cried, I smiled...what a perfectly captured moment of true friendship. Hopefully we're all lucky enough to experience a moment like that. Oh how I loved that scene.

Bailey was magnificent this episode. Still one of my most favorite television characters of all time. She's so strong and smart and resilient and good-hearted and-well really I could go on and on. When the chief said, "You will be chief resident one day." just so absolutely sure, I thought it was fantastic. I mean, duh-obviously she'll be chief because she's amazing, but still it was a great moment. Whoa and what about the chief's wife doing anothery guy? Who knew she was so slutty! Nice, Adele!

Um also I want McDreamy to say to me, "I will always come back." I turned into a pile of mush when he said that, and it wasn't even directed at me.

Now about the ending. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I did NOT in any way see that coming. The Burke one surprised me less because she was talking, and he was just staring at her, and in my head I said, 'What if he asks her to marry him?' Then he did. But the George proposal? Blew my effing mind. Here's my prediction: Callie will say no. Christina will take all episode and finally say yes. I think Callie will say no because she thinks George's proposal is coming from a place of true grief. How can she be sure this is not just a knee-jerk reaction to losing his father? She can't. And let's be honest-that's so what it is. He's not ready to marry her. He's just really sad and lonely right now missing his dad. But Christina and Burke-she even said she was in it for the long haul. I think they will end up getting married. Unless Burke gets fired from the show for being an asshat.


slcup said...

1. I too panicked with McSteamy said he was leaving.
2. Alex dissing Addy was so great. Like you, though, if I were in a closet with Alex we'd be gettin' down and dirty real fast.
3. Cried like a baby during that scene between the girls and the mom broke the rules.
4. I agree, Christina will say yes and Callie will say no because she knows it's a grief proposal.

Damn this show is too good. You laugh, you cry, you stare at hotties. Good job, GA writers. Good job.

tfg said...

Damnit. So much for my girls don't poop illusion.

Beth said...

This is only the 2nd time I have watched this show and i am loving it!!!! it is the BEST!!!

McSteamy? mmm mmmm good!!!

StrangerDanger said...

"Unless Burke gets fired from the show for being an asshat."

Awesome use of the asshat phrase, and yeah WTF, can't that guy get his shit together in real life? Don't ruin my favorite show you homophobe, you're perfect on it.

I would, I dare say, pay to see Izzie's nizzies.

And by nizzies I mean her boobs and love muffin.

Carly said...

I thought when Adele opened the door "Either she heard he retired, or she's a little too tarted up to be sitting at home watching tv alone." I think it was the eye makeup...over the top.

I much prefer Mark over Derek but D got me a little with that fingertips stroke of Meredith's cheek and jawline. ah-oooga.

is there room in the closet? I mean, so far there's like 5 of you in there with Alex and all...

Let's Pretend said...

This show completely owns me too! I had to call my sister in Italy to tell her to download it from itunes NOW! At the end I was screaming "Oh SHIT! OH SHIT" repeatedly until my husband came in and told me to can it!

I think Christina will say no because she is too independent to get married, and I think Callie will say yes because she is desperate for George.

CruiserMel said...

Can I go in the closet with Alex, please?

Best episode. Ever.

You were not alone with the cryin. I was done for. But ya know, they can't be marrying off too many people because it will throw off the dynamics. So - you're probably right - only 1 couple will get married.

Anonymous said...

Last night's episode started me crying...and I never stopped. I cried until about midnight. I think you're right about Callie. Christina will drag on for a couple of episodes before she says yes. IMO.

JV said...

Man, with your recaps I don't even need to watch the show anymore.

russ said...

One step ahead of you JV -- I skip the recaps too.

(Jus' hatin' cuz it's funny)

Lindystar said...

You are all so wonderfull and funny but I'm sorry, you hors need to get out of my closet.

G G Goood LORD Alex is hot.

ThatGirl7278 said...

Burke could get fired, so Christina may hold off on the answer. Cause if he's canned - she can say No - and he leaves all pissed and annoyed.

But she wouldn't say No. Not possible.