Friday, February 16, 2007

I can't stop doing TV recaps

Okay it's time to talk TV, folks. Don't read if you haven't watched!

I thought Wednesday's episode was great. I have no idea what it is, but I am absolutely mesmerized by Desmond. I mean when he's on screen I can't keep my eyes off him. They struck gold when they cast that guy to be on the show. I just think he is so charismatic and his face shows so much emotion. Not to mention he is a pretty, pretty man. I mean he violates two of my rules (long hair and more than 2 buttons unbottoned on his shirt with no shirt underneath), but I am totally fine with that. He's unkempt, and that's part of his appeal. Also he has a power or as Hurley says, "Dude sees the future, man."

I was really happy to be back focusing on some of the originals. I know Desmond is new, but it would be fine with me if he was the focus of every episode. But I missed our Losties-Sayid, Locke, Charlie, Claire and Hurley. Hopefully we'll get some more of Jin and Sun coming up soon.

Now about Desi's shit. HE WENT BACK IN TIME!? Freaking awesome. However, I could've done without creepy jewelry store lady. Yikes-she scared the bejesus out of me. Who is she? How does she know all that stuff? Was she a real person? Could that scene where the scaffolding fell on that guy be any more disturbing?

Penny's dad seemed really sweet. Man what is that guy's problem. Doesn't he realize Desmond is awesome? When Desmond realized he and Penny weren't meant to be together I was heartbroken. It sure does open up a lot of questions about fate and destiny, though, doesn't it. Very interesting. But I'm kind of thinking maybe creepy jewelry store lady meant they weren't supposed to be together yet. Because remember-Penny is looking for him. Maybe her destiny is to be his hero and then they will be together. Man I hope so.

As for the ending, well I pretty much pooped my pants. I did not catch on at all that Desmond was doing all those things to save Charlie and not Claire. I wonder if the point of the show in the end will be that we're all on a predetermined path or that we can change our fate-Charlie not dying would prove the latter. Dammit, Lost. Why do you put me in such turmoil? Also you say you will answer 3 big questions in next week's episode. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I hope you give us something. We deserve it! You know what else you should give us? More Locke! And naked Jack.

The Office
I was again hiding under the blanket tonight-during Michael's speech at Ryan's school. First he came out playing music for himself then he started throwing out candy bars, and I could barely watch it. Oh my God and he was ripping pages from that kids Econ book. "You cannot learn from books!" Classic. He's just this big total douche, and just when you start to think, "How in the world does anyone put up with this guy? He's like a cartoon." he shows up at Pam's art show after racing across town and is so genuine and so sweet. That had to be one of the loveliest moments ever on this show. He was exactly what Pam needed right when she needed him the most. And they even tease you that maybe he's being creepy and ruining the moment when she says, "Do you have something in your pocket?" but it really is a candy bar and he offers half of it to her. Then he takes down one picture in the office to put up Pam's, and it's just so great. Then he says, "This doesn't happen without paper. Unless you take a picture." And you're like, "Idiot." God I love this show.

- Jim convincing Dwight he was turning into a vampire. Priceless. Absolutely priceless.
- Ryan's face during Michael's entire presentation. Pure horror. He received the ultimate punishment, too-having to sit by Kelly.
- "Has anyone ever come back?" "We don't want them back. They're stupid."
- "Animals can't feel pain."
- Ebony tower
- Creed calling Meredith "Mary Beth"
- Best conversation ever:
Dwight: Will you form an alliance-
Creed: Sure
Dwight: -to use sudden violence-
Creed: Okay
Dwight: Do you have the tools to turn a wooden mop handle into a stake?
Creed: What size?

Obviously I spent the whole show bent over in laughter, but there is always at least one moment in every episode where I literally think, 'Oh my God-if I don't pause this right now, I'm going to laugh so hard that part of my lung is going to jump up into my throat and I'll end up choking on it, and my family won't discover my body for 2 days and when they do they'll see that sometimes I eat chocolate chips right out of the bag.' Tonight that moment was when Dwight put the bag over Meredith's head. I couldn't deal with it. I seriously couldn't.

Grey's Anatomy
Okay you guys. I'm not sure what to make of what's happening. Are the writers trying to insult us? Because it kind of feels like that. Here's what I know: if they kill off Meredith, I am done with this show. Because at that point it's not about the story. It's about using shock in place of creativity. And that annoys me. Meredith almost dies every other second. She is not Jack Bauer. She is an intern at a hospital. When they showed the flatline on her monitor, I almost started writing a nasty letter to ABC on the spot. Then when they showed her waking up next to totally hot bomb explosion Friday Night Lights guy and Denny, I started thinking this was how they were going to bring her back to life. There would be no point for them to continue her story after her death.

So in conclusion: If she dies, that ending with the 2 guys was way lame. If she lives, it's pretty effing cool that they brought those guys back. Hey-is that what heaven is like? You wake up surrounded by hot men? Cuz if so, I no longer fear death.

P.S. Alex is becoming human. Caring about people. Like really caring. It's beautiful.

P.P.S. When Sloane grabbed McDreamy's arm in the hallway, I was so happy. I rewound it. More than once.

Oh and P.P.P.S. Why have I seen 2 people literally get their bodies drilled this week? First on 24 and now tonight. Enough is enough with the drills, people. And honestly I could've done without the sound effects. I'm just saying.

30 Rock
Liz overheard one of her employees call her a C-U-Next-Tuesday. When she went over to vent to a couple other coworkers she said, "Do you know what Lutz just called me!? He called me the absolute worst thing you can call a woman." And one of the guys guessed "hatchetface". I have no idea why, but I laughed really, really hard at that.


russ said...

Lost is much better this... half season.

Des is the man, but he looks a little odd clean-shaven. I thought it was super-cool that the pic in Sydney harbor with Penelope was in front of a fake background cuz that photo always looked photoshopped or something.

The fact that he's saving Charlie was an awesome reveal... I wonder if they'll kill him off. My bet is no, they will fin a way to short-circuit the continual threats on his life, thus showing people have free will. But then they'll undermine any clarity in that message somehow.

Lindystar said...

Your site is the first one I come to on friday mornings, just to read your t.v. recaps. So please don't stop.

GAWD Izzie won't let up on George!! Seriously she's going on and on about how Merideth is going to live and then thows out - oh by the way George you are ruining your life - or whatever. Calm down beotch. If callie would let George talk to her at work, everything would be fine.

They can't kill Merideth because her and McDreamy had that big talk about him being her knight in shining armor. And now he saved her for real so when she wakes up he has to say "I told you so." I wish they would wash Merideths hair more often but I don't want them to kill her off. We need SOMEBODY skanky looking on that show.

sharda said...

The whole Meredith dying thing is so ridiculous --the show is named after her, they're not going to kill her off! I thought that whole storyline was a waste of time and I felt like I was watching 'Days of our Lives' when she flatlined and woke up in a white room with dead people. Come on, writers!

Oh, and Izzy needs to shut her mouth about George and Callie.

Skeezix said...

I've been willing to give Izzy a pass on a lot of her behavior but someone who acts like she does to George is not your best friend. They are someone who calls you their best friend while being a total asshole to you.

So Izzy, you are done. You've offically become a raging bitch.

Also, I hated her speech. It was lame, contrived and really a dumbing down of the show.

But I thought McDreamy and Mark in the hallway was good. And Addison getting all take charge in Meredith's room.

But Addison, that little bit about no one noticing you were missing was complete bullshit.

I for one love George and Callie. Callie O'Malley.

CruiserMel said...

Please please please do not stop the Friday Morning TV Quarterbacking. Please?

Johnny Virgil said...

"Hey-is that what heaven is like? You wake up surrounded by hot men? Cuz if so, I no longer fear death."

I think that depends on if you're a straight guy or not.

russ said...

I've only met Sarah one or two times, but I'm like 80% sure she's not a straight guy.

Jay said...

Sadly, I only watch GA, but that's because I have class on Wednesdays and find Ugly Betty entirely too funny.

Anyway, I loved last night's episode, but I think the writers need to do a bit more medical research. I'm stuck on Alex. His idea to photograph was smart in dealing with the raging horde of people, but is against like 1,000 HIPAA violations. I did a healthcare facility photoshoot once, and the PT wouldn't let us even put ourselves in the shot, let alone a patient. And forget about writing names.

Also, half of the medical terms used are not quite accurate. I'm not a doctor, but I know some things about healthcare. I like to be entertained, but the lack of research bothers me. Pull it together ABC Writers!

Carly said...

Why do these people all act like they have not done a speck of disaster planning?? It's seattle, for crying out loud, not East Podunk. They don't have drills, procedures, protocol??? Sigh.

Nice that all the doctors we know could drop everything to work on MerMaid. (cough cough let her die cough cough)

It was very nice to see Kyle in his unexploded-ness again.

That's all I've got, but please share with us your thoughts on Britney shaving her head.

Mon said...

I love when desmond says brotha. I dunno, something about a man with an accent. But not just any man I suppose, charlie isnt as mesmerizing. I love the time travel theory, I think it's going to drive Desmond batty. Awesome! He plays the part so well!

Greys!? you know meredith wont die. I think its dumb to pretend they are. I thought it was awesome when Izzy told George he made a mistake marrying Callie!

Sassy Blondie said...

Ok...I haven't read you in a while, but I knew that I would have to get back to it once "our" shows started again!

Lost-yes, that Des is one beautiful man. I have the same rules you do about hair and buttons. And if I don't see more Jack, I may have to show up in Hawaii myself! And is Claire going to end up as Jack's sister or what? I need more!

The Office-Quite possibly the funniest show on television. Watching Michael's speech was torturous! And the lack of enthusiasm about Pam's art show and then Michael showing up with his candy bar. Could Dwight be ANY funnier/creepier? I LOVED Jim sidling up to him with the whole vampire schtick. Classic!

Grey's Anatomy-McSteamy comforting McDreamy without a word? Swoon...I almost passed out! Stupid to put Meredith up as if she will die. Get real? What would be the name of the show then? Izzie needs to die...she's about as stupid as they come. I'm also convinced Katherine Heigl (sp?) is really that stupid. Note to young Dr. Stephens: Being pretty ain't enough, sister!

By the way, Sarah, have you never watched Prison Break? It's awesome! It's my newest addiction!