Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend happenings wherein I do not mention that I had to get up at 8:30 on Saturday and work

We had a party for Drew's birthday. You may remember that 2 years ago at the party for Drew's birthday I got really blasted and drunk blogged. I would just like to say that I have really grown up since then, and this time things were way different: I did not blog at 3am after I got blasted. Instead I participated in a dance party in Diane's living room with Paul, Matt and Drew. I guess Diane participated, too, if you count us poking her and me sitting on her hair while she was passed out on the couch still wearing her coat and scarf. I heard the next morning (from my dad?-someone explain that please) that our dance party may actually have been a dance contest which is not fair because had I known that I would have pulled out my signature dance move, The Fake Run*. It's too bad MattB wasn't around for the dance party because he had the moves-at least from what I remember of him dancing on the coffee table to Drew karaoking Whitesnake. Tawny Kitaen has nothing on you, MattB. Also I'm saving the picture I have to show your son when he's old enough. My favorite conversation of the night:

Danielle, to my Dad: I made out with you at your retirement party.
My Dad, looking scared: Really?
Danielle: Yeah you kissed me on the cheek. Right here. [points to cheek]
Drew's Dad: I don't think you know what making out is.

Saturday night we went bowling where Gordo proceeded to kick everyone's ass and correct everyone's math while they were trying to keep score. Oh yeah I did, Gordo. We were in two teams, and I beat everyone on my team both games. That means Woody, Bob and Sharda. Eat it, suckers! I'm just saying it is really sad if you lose to me at bowling because I suck. Not to make you feel bad or anything. Okay no-totally to make you feel bad.

Superbowl party at Jen and Paul's. I surprisingly didn't eat much. Also it's surprising that you actually believe me. Hello-it was a Superbowl party. I ate enough for 7 people. The Colts were awesome and won just as they should have. I love you, Peyton Manning! Whenever I think of football, one of the most manly activities one can participate in, I think of Prince. I mean, is there a manlier artist out there? He really looked masculine in his bandana headwrap. And God help me, but how can I resist a man who's makeup doesn't run while in the rain? In all seriousness, I actually thought he did a great job especially considering he sang live. The only thing that would've made it better is if he sang "Little Red Corvette". Or "Raspberry Beret". Or if he was showing just a tad more chest hair. By the way, I'm 100% convinced that by the look of things, Diane and I could've been his dancers. It's like they were up there just making it up as they went along. The commercials were underwhelming this year, but I just have a couple things to say:

1. Beard comb-over.
2. Robert Goulet

*This dance move is exactly as it sounds. Stand in place, fake run. It's most successfully done to Enrique Iglesias' "Escape".


Johnny Virgil said...

what have I learned from this post? That I have made out with my mom, both my grandparents, and my friend's kid, and maybe, I think you. Just to name a few. Also, in reviewing your drunk post, I have no recollection of ever having read that before, yet I obviously did because I wrote a comment that I have no recollection of ever writing. I need to drink less. I'm killing the ones I use.

CruiserMel said...

Love me some drunk blogging. No, not my own, but others'. LOL

Another observation regarding Prince: did you notice that when he played that guitar with the spikey thing on it? The ankh? When they blew that big white curtain up and his shadow was playing on the curtain? Did it look like he was trying to make us think that was his penis? I mean, REALLY! But I have to say, the little guy rocked it out. I was kinda diggin' it, frankly.

Man, this was a good post. What else? Oh yeah - loved the convo with Danielle and the two dads. That needs to be on a Hallmark card or sumpin.

Skeezix said...

I turned to my friend and made the same comment about the backup dancers. I can swing my head around like that- maybe I could get a job with Prince.

And there totally was a phallicness to the guitar and sheet combo. We get it, you've got a big dong.

indigo said...

love your blog!! Made me laugh out loud!

CruiserMel said...

Skeezix: big and apparently spikey! That thing looked like the devil's penis!

Beth said...

The game was great! Peyton totally rules! I think I'm stuck in the 80's....

I love me some Prince...I think he is the only singer I would actually pay money to go see...and HOW does he do it with the make-up?! Mine is always running all over the place...I wonder what's it like to share makeup with a guy....

Anonymous said...

...and believe me...CruiserMel has seen the Devil's penis. :)