Thursday, February 22, 2007

I miss you, Locke and Sayid

Last night we went to see "Music & Lyrics", the new Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore movie. I thought it was absolutely adorable, and I laughed a lot, but I think I caught a rather sad glimpse of my future. Hugh Grant plays a former 80's pop star. The gigs he performs now are at amusement parks and class reunions. At every concert there are women in the audience going crazy. Women who were fans of him when they were teenagers. Women who are currently in their late 30's or early 40's who brought their kids to the amusement park so they could watch the concert while their kids were riding rides. They go absolutely batshit insane when he is singing-as if it is still the 80's. And I looked at Kim and Diane and said, "Hey that's us in like 10 years." And you know what? It will be.

So. Lost. (Disclaimer: spoilers) Okay is anyone else kind of in a highly agitated state after last night's episode? Did I watch an entire episode about getting a tattoo? I'll just say something right here: I DON'T GET IT. Why did we spend so much time on that gdamn tattoo? Just to find out it meant he was special and a leader blah blah. Duh-I already knew that because he is amazing. Let's back up. Last week they said that this episode would answer 3 of the show's biggest mysteries. Even though I knew that was total crap, I still feel gypped. What the hell questions did they answer? The meaning of Jack's tattoos was not one of my biggest questions so if they are counting that, well, that's totally lame.

Diane and Drew said maybe another question was, "Does Kate really love Sawyer." which I think we can all agree is definitely not one of our burning questions about the island, but she totally doesn't love Sawyer so Sarah is beyond ecstatic. I knew it, you guys!! I knew she still loved Jack!! Man they are gonna have cute babies. Well only if freaking Juliet LAYS THE EFF OFF. Seriously hor-step off of him. He only saved you because you saved Kate-his true love.

I guess maybe the third "mystery" was that The Others don't live on that island where they were keeping Jack, Kate and Sawyer? I don't know. That's not a huge surprise since at the beginning of this season they showed them at their houses watching the plane crash ONTO THEIR ISLAND. Dammit Lost. I am a die hard fan, but even I had a hard time with last night's episode. I think part of the problem is that The Others just completely piss me off. First of all don't get me started on that presumed dead stewardess lady who told Jack she was "here to watch". WTF! What is she talking about?? I wanted to punch her. She was like a Stepford wife or something. All robotic and weird. What is going on you guys?? What were they there to watch? Also I have a hard time believing that not one of them would be like, "Okay here's the deal. We live on this lame ass island. Ben's a scientist blah blah blah." How can there be none of them who would just spill it all. Like Carl or Ben's daughter. They hate it there. Just effing tell our Losties what is going on.

Dammit this show frustrates me, but I cannot turn away. It's so amazing. In conclusion, this episode pissed me off to no end, but it gets an A+++ because Jack had sex, and I rewound it approximately infinity times.


i am not said...

I totally agree with you on this. My sister and I decided that they made a mistake by following Jack, Sawyer and Kate in Otherland - they should be focusing on the survivors and leaving the others and JSK to our imaginations...

And someone please give me a total remedial lesson on the tatoo stuff - what does it actually say and what does Jack think it means? He said at the end, "That may be what it says, but thats not what it means." Huh? Please help.

Carly said...

well, "he walks among you but he is not one of you" is more like what it means. I'm getting whiffs of bible references. So if they go making Jack some mythical representation of Jesus I'll be totally annoyed (like if he somehow dies at the end to save all our original Lost cast friends)

but like you, I didn't give a rat's ass what the tatoo meant. And he didn't even have the whole tat he has now when the guys were beating him on the beach. So we still don't really know the whole story. And why was he just messing around in Phukeet for a month?

I think the one mystery was "where are the kids" and it annoys me that they get to go live on the "nice" part of the island while anyone the Others consider "bad" had to stay on the beach. I think they re-programmed the stewardess. (Like that kid they rescued)

totally annoying.

Golightly said...

yep yep entire episode over a tattoo - drove me NUTS! I didn't get it, either because yeah, I could care less. But Jack getting busy (even though it was with crazy girl) was awesome. I heart him so much. All beefy and shaved head - yum yum :)
I am thisclose to being done with that show! I'm sick of empty promises

russ said...

Got around to watching last night -- hurrumph. I forgot about the three secrets promise. It was a very lame episode after teasing us with a decent one, finally, with Des.

Anyway, I was definitely curious about the tatt... but it was a bit lame. My GF tells me that the tattoing technique they showed is Polynesian. So Jack was in Thailand getting a Polynesian tattoo of Chinese characters? I guess they all look the same to JJ Abrams.

My impressions was that this was his vacation/retreat after his divorce, btw. Seems like he got some good R&R, by which I mean Rest And Rutting.

And who the eff can't put together a kite?

I do think the scene with Cindy and the kids had a huge import. It showed that these people (A) are alive, (B) are not exactly "working" with the Others (Ben's buds), and (C) can get to the small island... which is interesting.

My assumption is that the people who are deemed "good" are being put into a Utopian society and some kind of brainwashing/initiation makes them observe but not interfere with everyone else.

I hope the diving numbers of viewers make them set a limit on the show -- I think season four or five could wrap it all up without dragging it out and will get us better storytelling.

Beth said...

okay, that is exactly why I DON'T watch Lost's so dang confusing and they never answer stuff and it's boring....sorry! ;)

Nessa said...

Dude, I thought they were there to watch the trial? Since they're all quasi-utopian I assumed they would all gather to witness any serious wrist-slapping goin' on. Maybe they were at that Meeting with juliette where she got branded with that, (let's be honest), seriously hot star pattern. I'm not into ritual branding or anything but it's not like they stuck her with a giant scarlet A on her forehead. I mean, if I'm gonna get branded, it might as well be with some hot starburst just above my ass. (what the hell?)

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

It's nice to see even superfan's now feeling my frustrations!

In their defense, they did answer 3 questions, but they were 3 OBVIOUS ones, and they generated 6 more questions.

JJ Abrams promised a return to the beach survivors. All I have to ask is WHEN? Last week we saw Hurley and Charlie a tiny bit, but that doesn't count.

I know I've said 10 times I'm not watching anymore, but this time I'm serious!

Dezdmona said...

As far as I can tell, the three reveals referred to were:

*The origin/explanation of Jack's "character" tattoo.
*The location of the Others' "home."
*The status of the kidnapped children.

Here's a blog I like to read while trying to decipher LOST.

Dark UFO

And next week is a "Hurley-centric" episode, so we are "Back to the Beach".

Sassy Blondie said... I agree about the 3 burning questions..what the hell were they? we know what Jack's tattoo means..who cares! I'm with Sarah...we already knew he was special. Jack draws the kooks to him like bees to honey...what's with the beating he took at the hands of the Phuket boys? So they didn't mind he was boning a local, but by God how dare he ask her to give him a tat? Huh? And I can't see Jack having sex with anyone until he does the deed with Kate! My eyes! My eyes! Slutty Asian chick turned out to be nothing but an ass-kicking in skimpy shirts! And people, when are they going to reveal Claire and Jack are related??

The zombies were there to watch the trial..that's what I gathered they meant. Of course, as with all of Lost, there is probably a double meaning to that.

Who the hell are these people? I swear, if they start making up the cyanide Kool-Aid next week, I wouldn't be at all surprised. And where the hell are Walt and Michael? You KNOW they will be back! I thought creepy kid Walt was the key to it all? Did anyone else not think that after Season 1?

I'm on the edge here with this show..I want so much to just drop it, but Tivo has other ideas, and I trust him implicity.

Sarah-The Office this week? Michael telling Jan's boss "We're LOVERS"! Her apologizing to him on the way home like a guy and him crying around like a woman...all with Dwight in the back seat!! And Dwight checking out the house? Not the best episode, but PLENTY to laugh about!