Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This post is dedicated to JV-even though he doesn't watch Grey's or care about it in any way.

Okay I know everyone is wondering where I have been. Oh you haven't noticed at all? That's cool. Seriously you guys we have much to discuss. Let's begin with entertainment.

Grey's Anatomy
I thought Thursday's episode was great-really interesting. It's hard when a show does a "fantasy" segment like that. Clearly the way the show was written we're to believe that is what happened. That is what brought Meredith back. However, I think you take a risk with writing a show like that because you might lose viewers. I personally thought it was awesome.

Watching Denny in action only made me more annoyed at his storyline last season. He is so awesome-funny, charming, handsome-but they made his storyline so over the top that I actually wanted him gone. That makes me mad because I really do like him a lot. Damn you, writers.

It was interesting how Meredith said she fought and fought and just for a second, let go. I sometimes wonder if everyone has ever thought even for a split second and even though you don't really mean it: "What's the point?" Then Denny proceeded to tell her the point-how her death would effect every single person in her life. How they would all be changed. Sometimes you forget how much impact your life has on the lives of others. I thought it was a really powerful message.

When her mom got sick, I immediately saw where they were going. I knew she'd be the one to die and would be the reason Meredith came back. But even though I knew it, it didn't make that scene any less emotional. At least for me. I was crying like a baby. I was also crying like a baby when Christina came back to the hospital, walked into the room and squeezed Meredith's feet. When Burke told her that if her friend died and she wasn't there she would never come back from it, I was praying she'd come to her senses. And thank goodness she did. Then I was laughing through tears when as soon as Meredith opened her eyes she yelled out, "I'm marrying Burke!"

The chief's emotion at trying to save Ellis's daughter was also tear-worthy. And Bailey just amazes me every episode. She makes me cry then she makes me laugh ("Do not do this. Do not do this after we spent all. this. time. trying to bring you back. I won't have it, Grey.") then cry and then laugh again. I love how before the ferryboat accident she doesn't think she's ready for chief, and now she's like, "Let's do this." Awesome!

Um...Izzie is an effing whore-bitch. What the hell is her problem!? Guess what, Izzie? Callie's right-if you keep this up, you will just be someone George used to know. When it's friends vs. spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends, friends ALWAYS lose. If not permanently, at least temporarily and even then things will never be the same. So here's the deal: shut your effing mouth. It's none of your business. If you care about your friend at all you'll be supportive. Bravo, George, for walking away. Good for you. And good for Callie for finally telling her off.

Poor Addison having to comfort her ex-husband about his new girlfriend. Ouch. But what about the twist with McSteamy? When she told him he couldn't have sex for 60 days, his face was priceless. It's like she was asking him to stop breathing. I hope he does it. I think we all know he won't, though. He's a total man-whore. I wish I could be a part of ruining his 60 day streak.

All in all I thought it was a lovely episode, and I cried all over the place. However, enough of the Meredith-in-peril storylines okay Grey's writers? I'm done with that now. Let's go back to me laughing and all the Seattle Grace employees having sex with each other. Just for a little while at least. Thanks.

The Oscars
I just have a few things to say:
- Was that choir who sang the sound effects for real? Because that was freaking amazing.
- The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was not even nominated for "The Departed" makes me want to seek out each member of "the Academy" and punch them in the jaw, but I feel a little bit better knowing that Martin Scorcese won and that the movie won best picture. Still-I'm angry.
- I almost pissed myself when Ellen was vacuuming the front row and making celebrities lift their feet.
- The Will Ferrell/Jack Black/John C. Reilly song was so effing funny I rewound it about 17 times. "Leonardo Dicaprio, you think you can date supermodels AND win awards?? I will elbow you in the larynx!" "Mark Wahlberg! I'm not going to mess with you. You're kind of a badass. Once again, I hope we're cool. I think you're very talented." Also Jack Black telling Peter O'Toole he would beat him down with his Nickelodeon award might have been one of the funniest things I've ever heard.


sharda said...

I'm surprised by your enjoyment of Grey's. For me, sitting through that three episode arc complete with dead people and constant Meredith-ness and stupid self-obsessed Izzy and Christina was nearly as painful as sitting through 'Eyes Wide Shut'. Seriously at one point during thursday's episode I sat thinking of things I'd rather be doing and one was go to the dentist.

Sarah said...

Sharda, I totally understand. I did NOT enjoy the 3 episode arc. At all. However, I did enjoy this 3rd episode itself. I thought it was well done.

Skeezix said...

I can only hope they are going to slowly redeem Izzy because really she is just a huge raging bitch right now. I gave her a lot of slack last season and the start of this one but I'm done with her.

Yay for Callie telling her off.

But that last scene with her and Denny broke my heart. I did shed a tear then.

Eh, I really didn't appreciate the episode that much just because I felt Ellis dying was a little too cliched.

CruiserMel said...

I completely agree with you - this episode was quite a roller coaster and I was liking the ride. But Izzie? Nuh unh. I want so much to slap her and yell "Snap out of it" like Cher did in "Moonstruck." I like her, but they've just got to chill her out - soon!

Carly said...

There was SO much hotness on that show. Denny, bomb guy, Mark. Yum.

Ten bucks on Addison sleeping wtih Alex on day 57.

John said...

I thought the oscars were fantastic. Ellen was great, the sound effects choir was great, and in case you forgot, Scorsese was all over your boy during his acceptance speech. Also I don't really watch Grey's but I watched and enjoyed this episode and also cried like a baby when Christina was talking to Meridith.

Johnny Virgil said...

John you big pussy.

Sassy Blondie said...

Yes..I too had the tissues out and was crying all over the place during last week's Grey's!

And Izzie needs to go. They have nothing going on with her character, and she has pissed Alex away..shame because it looks like Alex will be getting him a lil Addison soon enough. He's something...half the time I want to slap him and the other half I want to..well, you know. McSteamy off sex for 2 months? I don't think so. I'm just wondering who the next victim will be..because I want to kill her with a blunt object because I'm so jealous! Shameless whores...all of them! Eric Dane is just so hot he should come with a warning label. How Rebecca G lets him out of the house alone I will never know! Whew! I want George and Callie to make it...she's really cool and he's in need of regular sex. Note to writers: You went and named it Grey's Anatomy..stop insulting our intelligence with her near-death experiences. Also, they do it in soaps, so bring Denny back...but this time, give him to someone worthy like Addison. Maybe he had a twin brother out there somewhere?

The Oscars:
My favorite was when Ellen took the digital camera from Clint Eastwood's wife to have the Stephen Spielberg take the picture of her and Clint! Totally spontaneous and genius!
Although not a huge Leo fan, I agree he was fantastic in The Departed. However, Forest Whitaker was in a whole other league in his movie. See it if you haven't already...and if you aren't familiar with Idi Amin, look up the history. Plus, he's just an all around nice guy and not too in love with Al Gore, which gets my vote over Leo every time. I swear I thought we were going to catch him giving ole Al a tongue bath!

Freakin' repeats on my shows this week though. Repeats should not be allowed during regular season, right?