Thursday, February 15, 2007

VD recap

So another Valentine's Day has come and gone. A bunch of us were going to go out, but we got snowed in so only Gordo and Meg went out. It takes a lot more than a silly blizzard to keep Gordo and Meg from going out. Like death. So this is pretty much how my V-day went:

Talk about romance. Free cookies and wine coolers by myself in my pajamas. Does it get more romantic than that?

Compounding the suckiness of the crappy weather is that my parents are in Florida right now. They left the day before the weather got really bad. I called them on my way home from work on the first day of the big storm, and my dad said, "Well it's 79 here, but there's a cool breeze off the Gulf so it feels only like 72." Better bundle up, Dad! Tonight he called, and I told him about my thrilling Valentine's Day stuck at home, and he said, "Oh. We're at an outside mall in short sleeves. I got a suntan today playing golf." Oh yeah? Well I was almost blinded by sun glare yesterday, and sun glare sounds almost like suntan so eat it, Dad! Even my grandma got the nana-nana-boo-boo treatment when my mom was like, "At night it's getting down to 62 so I have to bring a light sweater with me." My grandma was like, "Oh my gosh I feel so sorry for you. What an inconvenience." I'm just saying it's possible I got my sarcasm from my grandma.

I hope everyone had a nice VD, and that you shared your VD with someone special. You have to decide whether I'm talking about Valentine's Day or venereal disease. Hint: I'm talking about venereal disease.


matt said...

Okay, so my night ended up very similar to yours. I wasn't shoveling or driving anywhere else, so needless to say I skipped going out with Meg and Gordo too. Home, couch, made a drink and popcorn, watched Lost. So that leads me to my question..vague in case you didn't watch because I'm amazed there's no reference...what do you think of what Desmond told Charlie at the end?

Sgt said...

Sarah.. I am so sorry your night ended up like that.

Friends should never let friends drink wine coolers!

Anonymous said...

I was stuck in a trucker town without MTV and my beloved Hills alone, thanks to a business trip. Could that suck anymore?