Monday, February 19, 2007

Sarah, you're an ahole

Note to self: People who aren't friends with you don't know that when you call someone a hor you are not actually calling them a whore. They might actually find this term offensive. Stop calling people hors who don't know you.

P.S. The party Saturday was for Kevin's 30th birthday-not yours. Therefore it was completely inappropriate for you to eat this entire thing at his party:

However, it was kind of sweet when you were rubbing it on ALoyd's tongue so you could turn his tongue blue. ALoyd is kind of a lollipop slut I think.


matt said...

Did you know that if you poured beer over the sucker it tasted like banana? Oh...and that's maybe why it was so wet when we gave it back to you...not because I licked it a lot like we told you.

Sarah said...

Man, thank God cuz I was like, "Matt has some saliva issues. This is really wet." Of course you notice it didn't stop me from eating it.

Anonymous said... guys aren't exactly models for infection control. You licked the sucker, ALoyd licked the sucker, Matt licked the

matt said...

Well, technically Drew, ALoyd and I drank beer off the sucker to see what it would taste like.

Anonymous said...

silly hors

Aaron said...

Yeah! I got some internet 'cred now! Uh... wait, you called me a lollipop slut. Nevermind, I still don't have any 'cred whatsoever.