Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I think I use the word "random" in every post title

Saturday night we went to see Jim Gaffigan. This is what John wore:

If it looks like it's falling apart that's because it is. It's an iron-on pattern that he did in like two minutes. This is the greatest t-shirt I have ever seen.

About the show-I don't think I can explain in words how effing hilarious it was. I have never laughed that hard for that long in my life. Within a minute my cheeks hurt, and by the end of the show I felt like I had done a thousand sit-ups. By the way I'm counting that as doing a thousand sit-ups. That man is so unbelievably talented. Do yourself a favor, if you get the chance, GO SEE HIM. John tried to get Gaffigan to come to our pre-party by sending him this. For real. He didn't come. He had another show before ours so I'm sure that's the only reason he didn't show up.

After Gaffigan we went back to Diane and Drew's house, and we played Karaoke Revolution for four hours. Diane was falling asleep by midnight, but did that stop us? No. We kept making her sing. Before Gaffigan John did a rousing rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". And after Gaffigan he definitely sang "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones. And his version of "Take On Me" was amazing. He could barely get the low "take" note, but he sang the high note better than the actual singer of A-Ha. He and I tried singing a couple duets, but he kept singing the girl part. Also his wife has a lower voice than him. Okay I think I'm done emasculating John on the Internet. Well, I mean for today. If Danielle had her choice she would never ever stop singing karaoke. Or sticking her butt in people's faces. And I'm pretty sure Drew actually thinks he is a rock star. He kind of is. Especially when he sings Mr. Mister. You guys seriously should come over and sing karaoke with us. It is awesome.

Sunday I spent the day working on a project for work. Let me tell you something about this project: 1) it sucked ass and 2) it was like a research paper that you would do in college. So I used the same technique I used in college whenever I had to write a research paper and that is to avoid doing it until I absolutely have to-thus the reason I was doing it on a Sunday. It was eerie how similar it was to being in college again. I would work on it for 10 minutes and then say, "Okay I'm just going to watch one show on TV then I'll come back to it." Then I'd work for another 10 minutes and say, "Okay I'm just going to take like a half hour nap and then empty the dishwasher and then work on it again." This went on all day until about 11pm when I realized I hadn't really done anything at all. The only differences between this and college were that I wasn't eating Sour Patch Kids and I wasn't listening to "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray on an endless loop. All I know is if there was ever any doubt in my mind that I made the wrong decision by not going back to grad school, it has now been completely squashed-along with any hope my parents might have had that I would go back. Sorry Mom and Dad, but I learned something Sunday: writing papers makes me want to kill someone. Namely me.

Prescription for an enjoyable drive in to work:

- "Love is on the Way" - Saigon Kick
- "Should've Known Better" - Richard Marx
- "Lesson in Leaving" - Jo Dee Messina
- "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" - Cyndi Lauper
- "Midnight Rider" - Allman Brothers
- "I'm Still Here" - Vertical Horizon
- "Too Little Too Late" - JoJo

For that last one, make sure you sing along and pretend you are her. Trust me-you sound just like her. Also don't stop singing or dancing even when you pull into the parking garage and see people from work that maybe you don't know that well and they give you a look like 'what is wrong with you?'. Don't stop. You are JoJo.


Sgt said...

Sarah, I used that same method through grad school. It still works, you just have to stop drinking earlier since the papers are longer and since the classes are smaller, you have to make it sound like you really tried.

Believe me. This isn't easy when your writting a paper on the history of programming languages.

russ said...

The only Jojo I will sing along to.

CruiserMel said...

Sarah - I had to stay away from your blog since Friday because I hadn't seen Grey's. But I'm back and what a great posting today! I can't believe he sent that to Jim Gaffigan. And frankly, if I'd been Gaffigan, I so totally would've shown up....with security, though. I mean, how could you resist that plea?

Johnny Virgil said...

man I love sourpatch kids.

Especially that dust that's left in the bag when they're all gone.

John said...

I can totally hit that stupid Whitney key change I just lost my place on account of I was nervous singing in front of you hors.

Golightly said...

LOL! I am so jealous that you saw Jim live - I must watch out for him if he makes his way to D-town.

Maya Deren said...

that's the way to put mojo in your jojo. also, your audio clip = instant coolness. i assumed i was the only woman who could bellow: "no man, i will leave YOU IN!" and MEAN IT. word, sister.

PS cleveland rocks. that's what mimi says.