Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Bad day

Things that have gone wrong the past couple of days not counting the assassination attempt by my gall bladder:

My gas bill is over $500. Don't worry-I have already called both the gas company and my landlord and was like, "Um....yeah no."

I never changed my insurance information with my allergy doctor so none of my weekly claims have gone through for the past 2 months. Real swift, Corky (my grandpa's nickname for me).

My garbage disposal is broken.

My belly button is in so much pain it actually feels like it's on fire.

B did not send me the rent in time so my rent payment is overdue.

I just realized that B's and my lease is up at the end of this month which makes me really sad because a year ago today I thought my future was beginning and now all that is beginning is that I have to start paying the rent fully on my own.

I bounced a check to my builder. This is only because instead of depositing the money I needed to cover it, I got emergency surgery. So everyone just calm down. The service charge has already been reversed because I am a really smooth talker. Okay that's a lie--really I slept with the customer service guy to get it reversed. Okay that's a lie, too--it was a girl.

My back door is frozen shut. And that is not an innuendo of any sort. Though, the more I think about it, maybe it really could be. Ew-you guys are gross.

Oh-also I'm back at work. Blah!


Hugh Janus said...

"My back door is frozen shut. And that is not an innuendo of any sort."


Diane said...

I'm at class right now and we are learning about quality assurance systems so obviously I am reading blogs instead. Look at the bright side of least you live in Cleveland and had a rather large amount of snow dumped on you again. Oh yeah, and don't forget that we completed wasted 2 months of our lives watching the Bachelorette and she didn't even effing pick anyone. I'm done with that show.

Johnny Virgil said...

Diane, you could have stopped before the "and she didn't even effing pick anyone" and still have been totally, unconditionally correct on all accounts.

danielle said...

so in honor of it being the coldest i can ever remember, i think we should move to french polynesia and open a juice bar/'back door' store there by the water.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

And despite your hardships, you reach out to a dude with a mere sore throat. I thank you, Lady Sarah.