Friday, March 04, 2005


Let me explain to you how the words "trendy" and "Sarah" go together: they don't. Roughly 95% of the time, I come in on the tail end of any new trend or fad-that is if I don't completely miss it at all. Not only that, but when/if I do finally adopt it, I don't let go of it until I am literally the last person hanging on, and Diane smacks me across the face and says, "What the hell is your problem? That is so over! Get with it! You're embarassing me!"

I think part of the problem is that I just don't pay attention. I didn't realize that people stopped wearing flannels until about a year and a half ago when Diane said, "Oh my God, Sarah, people stopped wearing flannels, like, years ago." Then she made me get rid of them. (I secretly kept one. It's hiding in the way back of my closet. Shh...don't tell her!) I'm just....behind.

Things have gotten a lot better since my sister graduated from school and came to live with me. She is very trendy and pays pretty close attention to what's in and what's not. She goes to lots of cool bars and restaurants and clubs and cities, and I...well, I have a bigger TV. So there.

Okay I'm just going to come out and say it: my baby sister is way cooler than me.

Well, she was until last night that is. Thanks to some friends, I embraced trendy in all its glory. Steph, Christy, Jace, Janelle and I went out to dinner at a very trendy new sushi place in Tremont*. It's called Parallax, and their menus are clipboards. Clipboards! It was so trendy inside I was afraid to touch anything. But there I was, in my cute shoes in the trendy restaurant, and within minutes-through no fault of my own-I was talking about poop and catheters much to the dismay of Mrs. Snooty McLooky-Loo sitting behind us. She really did not enjoy my choice of dinner conversation, but then again maybe she should mind her own business/sushi.

Steph dropped her fork, and the waiter accused her of being drunk. Then Christy dropped her menu. Things were going well. Steph mentioned it was an eclectic crowd there but quickly decided it might just have been eclectic because we were there. Then a lady in a fur coat came in, and Steph was hopping mad. She said if she had paint she would throw it on her. I would have, too, but not because of any animal rights deal-it was just that ugly. Steph whispered sarcastically to me, "Hey, do you wear fur?" and by whispered I mean screamed at 100 million decibals. Luckily fur lady didn't hear her because her giant fur collar was muffling her ears. Then somehow we started talking about sex, and how some people who seem really tame and quiet do weird things. It was at that time that I noticed that the entire restaurant was filled except for all the tables right around us.

Okay so maybe we aren't the classiest of the classy, but we went to Parallax you totally didn't therefore we are awesome, and you are just someone who ate somewhere average last night.

*In case you are wondering, at the very trendy new sushi restaurant I got steak because I am not trendy enough to like sushi.


Anonymous said...

Flannel will be back. Mark my words.

Which grunge band are you?:


Erik with a K said...

You know, i got the feeling you weren't a trendsetter, but...i kinda didn't want to say anything and have it be all awkward. Because you know, I'm totally in front of any fad. That's why i get mocked so much - usually I'm 6 mos to a year in front of the latest trends. Secretly, I think they're all following my lead.

It's so true - I won't waste everyone's time with a complete recitation, but trust me on this one.

And sushi is like so 10 minutes ago. The newest thing is raw meat on titatnium skewers, served in an antigravity room/espresso bar.
Mark my words.

Golightly said...

Girl, hate to break it to you but sushi is so O-V-E-R about 5 minutes you were cool w/ your steak. You need to hit up on the tapas bars, which I hear are the new sushi aka 'trendy' thing to be eating.

Sarah said...

Dammit-thank you, Golightly! I don't know what tapas is, but I will be looking it up immediately.

Golightly said...

Tapas are small, tiny Spanish meals served in between major meals in Spain. It's all the rage here, so that's what my trendy friends say. They are basically appetizers served as a meal. Since trends come and go like that, it may already be over. Who knows?!?

John said...

You were at 2179 W 11th and I was at 2207 W 11th. We were practically on top of each other and we were both wasted. That reminds me of lunch pretty much every day.

Scott said...

Clevage is always in style. Just a heads up.