Sunday, March 20, 2005

It's over

Due to the events that took place this weekend--and by that I mean all the ass-whooping my teams took--I regret to inform you guys that there is pretty much no possible way I can win any of my NCAA pools this year. I just want to state for the record that this is effing bullshit. And now my 2005 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament poem:

"I hate almost every single team this year" by Okay Seriously

I effing hate you, Kansas
And your little dog, too.
But if you can believe it
I hate others more than you.

Oklahoma, are you kidding?
Do you remember how to play?
Utah totally owned you.
Man you guys are gay.

Wake Forest I had you winning it
But now I can only lose.
I feel like I got punched.
I am battered, beaten and bruised.

Over and over and over
You do this to me every year.
Why do I keep picking you?
I must really like it in the rear.

I don’t know if you effing suck
Or if West Virginia just got lucky.
But you should’ve asked me out
Before you went and fucked me.


Anonymous said...

Seriously - all I see is blah, blah. Take it in the Rear! Awesome.

John said...

I found this gem from 2003.

Missuori, Florida,
Stanford Illinois
I picked you in my bracket
you kicked me in my boys

but never mind the four of you
for Tulsa is alas
the team that met Wisconsin
and now has a second ass

Nicknamed the Golden Hurricane
a better name might be
the Tulsa Golden Shower
because you played like pee

So I've finally got the muster
to pull myself back up
and go watch Arizona
Lick a handful of Irish nuts

Erik with a K said...

Her ass cheeks are red
And Sarah is blue
Wake Forest came too early
and Kansas played like poo

slcup said...

I've never been a poetry fan until now. You're amazing!
urban princess

Verveman2k7 said...
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Verveman2k7 said...

Your poetry is the tits! Can i say that on tv?