Tuesday, January 04, 2005


It's not so much that I am sad that he left as it is that I am completely and utterly destroyed inside, an empty shell of what I once was--not to exaggerate or anything. I have never been so depressed in my entire life, and all I want to do is crawl into my bed, get under the covers and sleep for 3 months. Is that too much to ask? I am so depressed, I have even agreed to play winter touch football in order to get myself out of the house. In case you didn't catch that it's WINTER touch football...in Cleveland...outside...in the winter. And there is running involved. To quote Jim Carrey in "Liar, Liar", I HOLD MYSELF IN CONTEMPT!!

You're such a good listener, Internet!

Things that suck:
1. Getting dumped by the love of your life.
2. Running out of Salt & Vinegar Pringles.
3. Arby's Oven Mitt
4. Going to work
5. Whatever the hell new show I watched on NBC tonight. Holy crap end it now.
6. Russell Crowe. If you disagree with this, you are wrong.
7. "Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson
8. This blog

Things that rule:
1. "Lost"
2. Buying new Salt & Vinegar Pringles
3. My TV
4. "Garden State" soundtrack
5. My winter flannel sheets
6. "Lost". Seriouslyit'ssogoodandifyoudisagreeIwillcutyou.
7. Will Ferrell
8. My new hair dryer
9. Baywatch, obviously

There's one more Thing that Rules than Thing that Sucks because my sister, Diane, says I have to be positive. Blah blah blah. I'm so positive I want to punch Jay Leno in the mouth. That sounds like a negative thing, but if you've ever seen his monologue on The Tonight Show, believe me--it's the best gift I could possibly give to this world.


danielle said...

holy crap susie 3 drinks. you're cracking me up over here.

AuntBee said...

You've got to be kidding me! Steppin' Out is AWESOME!