Saturday, January 08, 2005


We had our first football game today in 2-3 inches of snow with lots and lots of snow coming down. When we first got to the fields I was like, "Goddammit, Steph, this is the worst fucking idea you have ever had in your whole life, and when I can feel my legs again I swear I am going to kick you in the shin." But then we started playing, and it was so much frickin' fun! We won, and I got an interception! My whole team jumped on me after it happened so then I spiked the ball and did a dance-you know, for the fans (Matt). That's 3 catches in 9 football games, people. I am the greatest football player ever.


danielle said...

first, hor, you're a hor. and b) after this description of cold snowy saturday morning football league, i will now entertain the possibility of me coming to watch from my really warm car with a coffee & bailey's.

Scott said...

You should get a Randy Moss style Afro. You know to show everyone that you are the best.