Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bump, set, spike

Hey, peeps. It's late, and Sarah is tired so this is gonna be short and unfunny. I have some administrative things to take care of.

1. Read Sharda's blog. She's funny when she is not making fun of things I like. I will not read it tonight, though, because I haven't watched "Lost" yet and apparently she reveals all in her newest post.

2. Our first volleyball game was tonight, and we won 1 out of 3 games. The 2 that we lost were close, though. I would say 55-60% of the balls I hit were actually aimed toward the vicinity of the volleyball court. For those of you laughing at the phrase "balls I hit", grow up. Just kidding-I'm laughing, too.

3. I'm so out of shape they need to invent a new word to describe it.

4. Scott is in my volleyball league.

5. Speaking of which....Scott, fucking update your blog.

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Erik with a K said...

I love volleyball, except when i once hated it. My parents both worked and they used to make me go to all these strange day camps in the summers, so one year they sent me to volleyball camp. I hadn't played volleyball in my life and I was maybe 11. There were all these tall kids who apparently were growing up to be either a) USA Olympic Volleyball players or b) NBA All Stars. The first day I only had to hit, say 300 balls spiked off my ruby red forarms. I showed up the next day with a long sleeve shirt and a sweater. In the summer. In the 90 degree heat.

At the end they gave me some kind of loser award, like for being the best sport while still sucking royally. I went home and cried and yelled at my dad.

Worst camp ever!