Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Freaking Out

OMG I just talked to the mortgage guy! He is going to do a mortgage analysis on me and get back to me tomorrow with how much house I can afford, what my credit rating is (!!!) and what my rate will probably be. I am so scared. I told him that I had never done this before and was really nervous, and he was like, "Well then I'll just guide you right through it." Then I was thinking how that kind of sounded like the first time I had sex. YOU GUYS!!! That is totally inappropriate! And also not true since the guy I did it with wasn't too experienced himself. But we are not getting into that on this blog. Go to Danielle's blog for the dirty stuff. She's a hor.


danielle said...

whoa there missy. first off, relax on the mortgage guy stuff. you'll be surprised how completely un-scary it is. and b, you're absolutely right. i'm a total hor and people should visit my site for the inappropriate stuff.

Golightly said...


Johnny Virgil said...

Actually, it's more like divorce than sex. You sign your name a bunch of times, then kiss half your salary goodbye forever.