Monday, January 17, 2005

My MLK Day

I have a really big problem with the new TV commercial for Mucinex. You know the one where the mucus is like, "I love move-in day!" and sets up camp in the guy's lung and starts watching TV. Then the guy takes Mucinex and coughs and the mucus goes, "Uh oh--there goes the neighborhood!!" and gets sucked up through the guy's windpipe? Basically my thoughts are this: what the fuck? Is it totally necessary to put a face on mucus and then make us wonder a) how he gets a TV to work inside your lung, b) where exactly does he go when he gets sucked up through the windpipe and c) why does he leave a trail of crap everywhere he goes?

Um...I may or may not have bought both People and Us Weekly today because they claimed to have the inside scoop on the Jen/Brad split. In my defense, I have to know what is going on. You guys, seriously, I have to.

Today Suz and I went shopping since we are bankers and bank holidays are awesome. Suz spent almost $400 in 2 hours. It was the greatest display of power shopping I have seen in years. I pulled in some good numbers myself at $106-a respectable showing. I had no intentions of buying anything, and the way Suz and I justified the spending to ourselves was by saying, "Oh well I really need this for work." And it got me thinking--shouldn't work be paying for my clothes? I mean, they require that I dress "business casual" yet don't offer me the money to buy the clothes that are considered "business casual". If it's absolutely necessary that I dress a certain way, shouldn't work pick up the tab to ensure that I do? I'm thinking yes. I mean, if they didn't tell me to dress "business casual", I would just go to work in my Def Leppard t-shirt and pajama pants. I know there are some lawyers reading this. Can you guys look into this? Let me know if I have a case here. And if right now you are saying, "Yeah but I've seen the shirts you buy and most of them have plunging necklines that are inappropriate for work", don't worry. I have never had a problem wearing cleavage-baring shirts to work, much to my father's chagrin. You can verify this with John and/or Scott.

And finally, this message is for my Bachelorette girls out there: #1 - Jen Rocks. She's real, and gives Cleveland chicks a good name. # 2 - she did a very good thing tonight getting rid of Stu and Guy Who Asked For Her Autograph. But a bad job getting rid of Michael w/ the muscles. Next round she needs to dump the extra weight: Frenchie and Jean Paul. Maybe also Mr. I Have a Warrior's Heart and Answer the Door Shirtless Because I Am The Least Subtle Person on Earth.


danielle said...

heard that susie 3 drinks. i said it once and i'll say it again, cleveland has some hot chicks that keep it real. jen kicks trista's ass and also what's her name.

Scott said...

You keep buying shirts with the plunging neckline and hell - John and I'll pay for them. We're getting more use out of than you anyway.

Anonymous said...

Diane: 1)can I borrow your People...I must know more. 2) glad you enjoyed your shopping trip while I was dead on the couch from the flu that Kim thought would be nice to share with Steph and I and 3) Fabrice is horrible..but this article may explain things. Warning: You may not want to read if you want to be surprised. I'm annoyed I read it but I couldn't help myself.,1,15713,00.html

Sarah said...

Holy crizzap, Batman. This is huge news, Diane. If Fabrice is a plant, I will die. Could ABC have found a more annoying plant?