Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's getting hot in herre

Okay seriously last night's episode of "Lost" was, in a word, amazing. I can't get enough of this show. It almost makes me want to cry it's so good. The only thing predictable about it from week to week is my reaction and that reaction is completely losing my mind. If you don't watch it, you're a goddamn moron, and that's a fact. Just a quick couple of comments on it, and then we'll move on. Don't read this next part if you haven't watched last night's episode. Or if you don't care about "Lost" at all (goddamn moron). Or if you hate me (I wouldn't blame you).

1. Um...when the hell did Boone get totally fucking hot? Seriously I thought he was kinda pretty before, and then last night he made me feel funny in my pants. His arms are nice, which I enjoy. I am an arm girl (sorry Scott--though I do love your legs). Plus he was doing all kinds of emoting. First he was all protective of his sister (hot) then all filled with uncontrollable lust (soooo hot) then sad when he found her in the river (hot) then pissed off and in fighting mode (hot) then a little teary eyed and shameful at the very end (hot). Also I'm a firm believer that you never truly know how hot a guy is until you see him make out on TV. And Boone, holy eff, I was not disappointed. Well done.

2. At some point they are going to have to make the guy who plays Hurley (or as John calls him "lard afromullet") lose some weight or it will become unbelievable.

3. I didn't think Sawyer was that hot until last week when he took off his clothes to go swimming, and then there it was: hotness.

4. Sharda! Bring it way down on the whiny bitch. I am starting to like her!

5. Seriously, Charlie Salinger, you are so hot I can barely look at you straight on.

Clearly I have hot guys on the brain so let's go with that. Here are some of my favorite hotties in no particular order. You can agree or disagree, but really you can only agree.

1. Charlie Salinger (duh)
2. Ben Affleck
3. Matthew McConnaughey
4. Paul Walker
5. Brad Pitt
6. Josh Duhamel
7. Ashton Kutcher
8. Matt Damon
9. Jerry O'Connell
10. George Clooney

Old(er) hot guys:
1. Dennis Quaid
2. Jeff Bridges (don't judge me)
3. Sean Connery
4. Richard Gere
5. Tom Selleck
6. Denzel Washington
7. Mel Gibson

And hey-I'm an equal opportunity blogger. Here are some ladies I think are hot:
1. Faith Hill
2. Charlize Theron
3. Evangeline Lilly
4. Jessica Alba
5. Gisele Bundchen
6. Halle Berry
7. J-lo
8. Eliza Dushku
9. Jessica Simpson
10. Shania Twain

People who are not hot but some (blind) people keep saying they are:
1. Russell Crowe
2. Jude Law
3. Penelope Cruz
4. Pink
5. Ewan McGregor
6. David Duchovny
7. Paris Hilton

Who do you guys think are the hottest? It better not be anyone on the last list.


sharda said...

1. how can you like the whiny wench after what she did to hot boone?
2. your eye-sight okay? j-lo is not hot and belongs on the not hot list under paris hilton (sorry suz if you're reading).
3. also, just wondering ... I mean, I'm sure it was an oversight, but I think you meant to include me on the hot ladies list.

Golightly said...

We are on the same freaking wavelength (I think its because we are both Sagitarriauns-sp?) because I concur that list and second J-Lo being hot.

Erik with a K said...

My wife and I each have a 5 person list (ala Friends,etc) that are "freebies" and don't count as cheating if we could actually lure them into sexing us up. My five in no real order:

1. Salma Hayek
2. Halle Berry
3. Monica Bellucci
4. Ashley Judd
5. Scarlet Johansson

I have to say I can't rate men at all, probably much to everyone's relief.

danielle said...

although i'm not sure why i find this young man so yummy, i would still like to add him to your list:,%20Jesse

Anonymous said...

Diane: You forgot about Ralph Maccio, Jonathan Brandis, Sean Astin, and Kirk Cameron. Oh yeah...and Joey McIntyre!!

Sarah said...

Sharda: 1) I don't really like her. I just think she's an interesting character. 2) J-lo is pretty! 3) This is the list of hot famous ladies. That is why you aren't on there.

Golightly: We are awesome.

Erik: Nice list. You have chosen wisely.

Danielle: Jesse Bradford is really cute! I enjoyed him thoroughly in "Bring it On!".

Diane: It's 2005. (For Diane only: Just kidding-they are all still totally hot.)

John said...

you forgot me in the old guys

Johnny Virgil said...

Evangeline Lilly. Hot. Any girl who looks like she does and is into Rock climbing...well, lets just say I would have a rock wall in my bedroom.

Okapi said...

Ewan McGregor. Just kidding! Although there aren't many Scottish filmstars and I feel I should support him somehow, so now I'm all guilty and stuff.
OK - Dennid Quaid (circa "Innerspace" for preference)