Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The music is my life

I just re-read my post from yesterday about politics, and holy crap I am such an ass. Seriously I’m an embarrassment to my family, my friends and my country. Good times.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. I am a complete music freak. I love almost every kind of music out there including the stuff considered “fluff” music. Even the music I don’t like I can appreciate because I know that music is heard differently by different people. Except for Barry Manilow. I don’t respect any of you effing Manilow fans. You guys suck.

Internet, we need to talk about your CD collection. Frankly, it’s missing something. Here are some CDs-old and new and in no particular order-that I am currently listening to a lot (I go through intense “listening phases” with all my CDs). You should run out and buy these…legally. Piracy is illegal, you hoodlums. Scott, you can stop reading. You won't like any of these. Nobody sings/screams about Satan or sacrificing animals or anything.

“On Your Shore” by Charlotte Martin
1) She has the most beautiful voice ever-the kind I have dreamt about having my entire life and 2) her songs are amazing and she sings them as if her chest is opening up and we can actually see into her heart. That was graphic, but you know what I mean. It’s not for everyone, but it’s one powerful cd. One of my most favorite.

“Garden State” soundtrack
See the movie first and then I guarantee you will want to buy this. Really good music by a lot of unknown artists. Like Coldplay. Who the hell is Coldplay? They must be new.

“Borrowed Heaven” by The Coors
I barely ever make it past #1 because it’s the best song ever. I love you, Corrs. I love you.

“Leaving Through the Window” by Something Corporate
Something Corporate rules and this cd is amazing. Punk rock piano? Awesome.

Pat Benetar Greatest Hits
Just buy it. Seriously. Just go buy it. Right now.

“Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson
Okay if you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, buy this album immediately. It will be your post-breakup bible.

“Alice Peacock” by Alice Peacock
She’s a little Sheryl Crow and a little Shawn Colvin. Her songs are nice and easy and mellow and great to sing along to, and her name is really fun to say.

And as of 5 minutes ago...
"Not Another Teen Movie" soundtrack
Great remakes of cool 80's songs. Thanks, Mufflet! P.S. Whoever is the main guy in this movie is totally effing hot.

Go forth and purchase.


kathy said...

I just saw the movie "Garden State" :-) Great movie and so was the music! My daughter ran out to buy the CD and she also has Coldplay...Great stuff!

Johnny Virgil said...

Sarah -- have you ever heard Patty Griffin? One of my all time favorite female vocalists. Actually, my only favorite female vocalist. Some other stuff, some of which you've probably never heard, but that I highly recommend:

Marillion - Marbles
SugarCult - Start Static
Kevin Gilbert - Thud
Toy Matinee - Self Titled
Wayne - Music on Plastic
Steve Bertrand - Joyride
The Tories - upside of Down and Wonderful Life
Nine Days - So happily unsatisfied